Monday, October 26, 2020

full face using paris hilton cosmetics

Paris Hilton has been part of popular culture for decades. She managed to turn a famous family name into a string of successful business ventures. From reality television shows to movies, music, an ultra successful perfume line, profitable DJ career, and of even a line of skin care and makeup products. This heiress never slows down! More recently, she showcased the woman behind the brand in a well-received YouTube documentary titled, "This is Paris." Currently, the documentary has over fifteen million views and has garnered a significant amount of buzz. (In case you missed it, be sure to check out the documentary here.) It is no secret that I am a fan of Paris Hilton. Her style and beauty-related ventures have been documented and reviewed here on the creation of beauty is art. countless times. Today? I wanted to use a few of my favourite Paris Hilton Cosmetics items to create a dusty rose inspired makeup look. Here is a breakdown of the products used and a peek at the end result.

For this particular makeup look, I went for more of the dusty rose colours in my Paris Hilton Cosmetics collection. Though she has released some seriously dramatic eyeshadow shades....there is something about that particular set that I always come back to. Probably because those shades are a little more unique in my makeup collection. Before I get too far into the particulars of the makeup look, here are all of the Paris Hilton Cosmetics products used:

  • Rosy Garden Makeup Set
  • Cocoa Contour Kit
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Glow Goddess Set
  • Pencil Eyeliner
  • Lengthening Mascara

Normally when I use the Rosy Garden set, I reach for some of the darker colours. This time, I really wanted to make use of those dusty rose shades in that lower quad. To start, I used that rose blush shade through the crease. Then I applied the lighter rose shade all over the lid with the deeper rose shade on the outer portion of the eyelid. That shimmery shade from the bottom quad was placed on the inner corner to add a little extra pop. That deeper rose shade was also applied along the lower lash line. To finish off the eyes, I used the Paris Hilton Cosmetics pencil liner and then the lengthening mascara. (Read about two other Paris Hilton mascaras in my Mascara Duo review here.) 

For the face, I used the Cocoa Contour Kit to add some shape to the face. I used the lighter bronze shade to do a light contour on my nose and the deeper bronze shade to contour everywhere else. Then the powder shade set everything in place. On the cheeks, I used that dusty rose blush shade from the Rosy Garden set and then added on both of the pink highlighters from the Glow Goddess set for a glowing finish. Then it was a coat of a Matte Liquid Lipstick in a gorgeous soft pink to finish it all off. 

These items from Paris Hilton Cosmetics made it easy to create a quick and easy makeup look. Ready to see how the dusty rose inspired look turned out? Here goes....

All in all, it was a lot of fun using some beloved products from Paris Hilton Cosmetics. In fact, this is something that I would like to do again! Maybe next time, I will create a bold, colourful, and over-the-top makeup look. Until then, this everyday dusty rose look will have to satisfy my creative side.

What do you think of this makeup look? Are you a fan of Paris Hilton Cosmetics?


  1. Very beautiful makeup.

  2. Oh yes I'm glad about that too =) The scent is so nice, perfect for sunny days. You're right =)

    Nice post, I love Paris Hilton since my childhood :D She's so beautiful and I like her styles. This products would be perfect for me and your make up look is lovely =) I have a Paris Hilton perfume *-*

    1. Absolutely! She has such incredible style. And her perfumes are fabulous!

  3. Your makeup is gorgeous :-D

    She is okay, nothing against her. I know a lot don't think much of her though :-| She was good in Repo! The Genetic Opera, donno if you've seen that one? Bit odd, well fairly odd, but good :-D

    1. Thank you very much! I have seen that movie. It was definitely strange but really well done.

  4. lovely makeup! You are glowing! never used her products before

    1. Aww thank you! There are a lot of great ones to choose from!

  5. So cute, I liked the makeup you did, do Shannon tutorial :)
    As for the palette ... I don't know.

    - Helena Primeira
    - Helena Primeira Youtube
    - Primeira Panos