Saturday, May 2, 2020

catrice x eman strong is beautiful eyeshadow palette (review)

The large majority of my makeup looks lately have been on the simpler side. This is partly due to being indoors most of the time! One of the main eyeshadow palettes I've been reaching for is the Catrice x EMAN Strong Is Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette. It is loaded with warm neutrals and all of those everyday essentials. Recently, I shared a simple makeup tutorial using the product but today, I wanted to talk a little bit about the overall quality. How it performs, which shadows stand out, and the different looks you can create. Here is a full review (complete with swatches) of this affordable drugstore eyeshadow palette.

Catrice x EMAN Eyeshadow Palette (Packaging + Shade Selection)

When it comes to packaging, this palette is pretty but nothing to write home about. The design on the front is cute and simple. It has the logo placed in the centre with some floral drawings on either side. The palette itself is made up of a sturdy cardboard and opens to reveal a small mirror and the eyeshadow shades. It has a magnetic closure and a shiny black plastic backing. All in all, the packaging is okay. Nothing overly special but it certainly does the job. As for the shade selection? This is far more impressive. It covers all of the basics. There is a light matte blending shade, a dark black shadow, a handful of medium toned browns, along with warm shimmer and metallic shades to pull everything together. In terms of variety, this is stellar. There are more than enough shadows to create natural looks as well as ones with darker more dramatic finishes.

Swatches + Overall Quality 

It is clear that there is a wonderful selection of shadows to choose from. In terms of the quality and overall pigmentation? It was pretty impressive. The shadows have a solid amount of colour payoff, particularly those shimmer shades. They are bold and look absolutely beautiful on the eyes! There actually aren't any shadows that perform poorly. However, the black requires a lighter hand. Though it doesn't appear ultra pigmented in the swatch (shown above), it packs a real punch. This is a powerful black and a little goes a long way. This is also the only shadow the bunch that has a decent amount of fallout. So if you plan to use that black shadow, start slow and be sure to tap off any excess product before application.

Out of all the shadows, there are a few standouts. Ones that I continue to reach for over and over again. My personal favourites are: Runyon (a medium brown that can be used through the crease or worn on its own), Hollywood Blvd (a warm gold shimmer that can be worn alone or paired with any of the other shadows in this palette), and Malibu (a beautiful shimmery metallic shade). There are so many fabulous shadows here that it was easy to pick out a handful of favourites. I love how easy to wear the colours are and am impressed with the overall performance of the shadows. This is a palette I can definitely see taking away for weekend getaways in future. 

Want to see the palette in action? In addition to the everyday makeup look that I shared here recently, I also filmed a YouTube video creating an entirely different look! Check out the warm and bronzed makeup look below...

Finished Makeup Look + Overall Thoughts

For my latest look using the Catrice x EMAN eyeshadow palette, I wanted to do something a little more glamorous. This palette is suitable for both day and night. The look above is definitely better suited to evening. I used the matte shades (Sunset, Runyon, Sweetzer, and Mulholland Dr) and then paired them with a Physicians Formula blush and a Pat McGrath lipstick.

Overall, this palette was quite impressive. I love the compact size, the variety of shadow shades, the versatility, and the quality. These have impressive colour payoff and blend well. It is super simple to create a beautiful makeup look. Whether you want something nice and natural or ultra smokey....there are plenty of shadow shades to choose from. This is one drugstore palette that is well worth adding to any collection.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


  1. I am planning on picking this palette up :) Just waiting for some sort of sale at ULTA :)

    1. That is awesome! It is such a great palette and I keep reaching for it over and over again. I am sure you will love it.

  2. The make up look you created is so beautiful. You're talented.

  3. I really love this brand, and the palette is super
    beautiful! The look you created is super cute :)

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. I'm not super familiar with the brand but I definitely want to be! The palette is wonderful! Thank you very much :)

  4. Very nice your make-up! A hug from Italy!

  5. Oh some fun colours in this palette. Great makeup too :-D

  6. Everything looking very nice! Great post ! Thanks for sharing! Stay safe! 🙏🙏🙏

  7. I didn't know this palette, but I love the colour selection and the looks you created, so beautiful!

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  8. Adorable pallet and the color is amazing. I like it... kisses