Monday, February 10, 2020

stila part one: the fourth dimension (liquid eyeshadow set review)

Stila is a brand that has long been on my radar - and yet isn't one that I am overly familiar with. My experience is limited to an eyeshadow palette from years ago and a couple of liquid lipstick samples. Until last year, that is. My husband bought me a set of their liquid eyeshadows for Christmas. I was completely and totally obsessed - and meant to do a full review here on the creation of beauty is art. but never seemed to get around to it. This year? He treated me to even more liquid eyeshadows from Stila. So...The Fourth Dimension set has made its way into my makeup collection. This particular set includes four liquid shadows. Two of the shades are the Glitter + Glow formula and two are Shimmer + Glow. Ready to learn more about these fabulous shadows? See them in action? Here goes...

As you can see, there are two darker shimmer shades and two lighter glitter shades. The liquid eyeshadows with the bronze caps are the shimmers and the lighter caps are all glitter all the time. This set includes: Vivid Smoky Quartz, Vivid Labradorite, Lilac Ice, and Opal Ice. Let me just say flat out, these are amazing. There is a lot to love about this set. First of all, the actual liquid eyeshadow formula. These are ultra pigmented, look gorgeous, and don't crease throughout the day. Plus the doe foot applicator makes it quick and easy to apply the product itself. Just a few swipes across the lid and you are good to go. Personally, I love using the two Shimmer + Glow shades when I am in a rush but still want my makeup to look fabulous. I'll apply one of the shades all over the lid and then blend it out with a fluffy brush to keep the edges soft. (However, you can absolutely keep the lines sharp if you are after an edgier finish.) Sometimes I will layer one of the glitters over top and other times, I'll wear it all on its own.

The liquid eyeshadows are beautiful, bold, and are so easy to use. Which is why they have become a current obsession of mine. Don't believe it? Take a peek at my latest YouTube video to see some live swatches and see The Fourth Dimension set up close and personal.

Something I really love about the liquid eyeshadows? The intensity of the colours. Whether it is a shimmer shade or a glitter shade - these stand out. They make a statement. It is one of the fastest ways to create an intense makeup look that lasts. As I mentioned earlier, there are four shadows included in this set. Below are some swatches. From left to right: Vivid Smoky Quartz, Vivid Labradorite, Lilac Ice and Opal Ice. Be sure to let me know in the comment section which shade you like best.

Without a doubt, these liquid eyeshadows are incredible. I love the longevity, the ease of use, and the boldness of colour. For the makeup look (pictured below)....I applied Vivid Labradorite all over the lid and blended out with a fluffy brush. Then I dabbed a bit of Opal Ice over top to create a holographic glitter finish. All in all, it took about two minutes to create a completed eye look. This is the perfect product to take with you on a vacation or to have on hand for early mornings. The liquid eyeshadows certainly speed up my beauty routine!

Rating: 5 / 5

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with this set of Stila Liquid Eye Shadows. They are beautiful, pigmented, and easy to use. If you are someone with limited time in the morning (or just want to simplify makeup application) these are certainly worth looking into. Though they are a bit pricey, they last for ages and work well. 

Have you tried the Stila liquid eyeshadows? Are you a fan?