Tuesday, August 13, 2019

my favourite statement earrings + tips to wear them

Statement earrings are accessories that make me smile. It's incredible the way a bold pair of earrings can elevate an ordinary look or add a healthy dose of personality to any and all ensembles. Typically, my earrings are fairly modest in size (but never lacking in colour or sparkle) but every now and then...it is fun to veer on the more dramatic side. Today, I wanted to show you four of my favourite pairs of statement earrings and share a few tips on how to incorporate your own statement earrings into any fabulous fashion look. Here goes....

Four Statement Earrings I Love

As you can see from the picture above, there are quite a few statement earrings in my collection. They may not look large and in charge but they look absolutely massive on my small earlobes. The first pair is from Expression (which I showcased in my mall haul a couple of years ago). I love that the pair is long, dangly, and pairs a soft pink with a warm gold. These earrings work well with a number of outfits and are always appropriate for a night out. The second pair that I love is from Guess. They are golden tigers and have green jeweled eyes. These are pretty sizable and are the earrings I reach for when I am feeling a little bolder than usual. They make a statement, are exciting, and still have a playful element to them. 

Next up is the first pair on the bottom row. I purchased these from Target, before they closed down their stores in Canada. (I'm still not over it! I miss Target!) These earrings blend a brass colour with sparkly jewels. I love the pointed shape, the sparkle, and the size of these particular earrings. The only downside is that this pair is quite heavy. They can't be worn for too long without starting to feel uncomfortable or pulling a little bit. The last pair on my favourite list is a pair that I have had for years and years. In fact, I can't quite remember where they came from! They have a triangular shape, boast a white and black geometric print, and has a little sparkle to boot. This pair is ultra dramatic and always stands out.

Simple Tips To Wear Statement Earrings

Feeling nervous about wearing statement earrings? You don't have to feel that way anymore. Wearing any bolder accessory simply requires a little more thought and consideration before you step out of the house. To give yourself a little peace of mind, consider these helpful tips: 
  • Remember that it's okay to go smaller. Yes, you want to make a statement, but that doesn't mean you need to reach for the biggest earrings ever. You can choose a bold pair (in a dramatic shape, colour, or texture) that is medium sized rather than ultra large. Keep your own preferences and comfort level in mind at all times. 
  • Look for similar colours or patterns. If your statement earrings are teal, then make sure the outfit you choose has some teal in it or a complimentary colour. By pairing similar colours and patterns together, you never have to worry about whether or not your statement earrings will match. When in doubt...look for similarities.
  • Opt for a bold colour and a neutral outfit. The contrast between a brighter coloured earring and a simpler, more neutral ensemble will look fabulous. The earrings will really pop and the focus will be entirely on your incredible head-turning accessory. 
Not quite statement earrings but this next palette certainly makes a statement. (Did you like my attempt to link it all together? Ah well, I tried!) Be sure to take a peek at my latest YouTube video. It features a stunning eyeshadow palette from Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

Are you a fan of statement earrings? Do you have a favourite pair?


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    1. Yes! You can never go wrong with a good pair of statement earrings :)

  2. Very beautiful earrings.


  3. I love the encouragement! I am always thinking I can't pull off or carry this style. The blue one are pretty!

    The Flower Duet

    1. You absolutely can! I believe that anyone can pull off anything, so long as they like what they're wearing!