Monday, May 6, 2019

single eyeshadow review: camila cabello x l'oreal (havana)

Single eyeshadows? No thank you. I'll admit, it's been a very long time since I purchased a single eyeshadow. When I first started getting into makeup, there were tons and tons of single eyeshadows floating around in my small collection. However, since eyeshadow palettes began to conquer the beauty industry....fewer and fewer single shadows entered my life. It's not that they're bad. It's simply easier to grab one eyeshadow trio, quad, or palette to create a complete look. That being said, I made an exception. L'Oreal teamed up with Camila Cabello to release a limited edition Havana collection. Though I'm fairly certain this collection was released a long while back, it only made its way into my local drugstore recently. Out of everything, I was most interested in the shade Hot Havana.

The L'Oreal and Camila Cabello Havana collection eyeshadow shown above is Hot Havana. Though the box this shadow came in was colourful and had lots of flowers...the actual shadow packaging is somewhat lacklustre. It is a simple black plastic pan with a clear lid. Nothing special. There were a few different colours to choose from but this one was most exciting to me. It is a mid-toned green shade with lots and lots of glitter. Since I am a sucker for anything that sparkle and shimmers, it had to be mine.

In terms of the pigmentation, this shade is okay. In order to achieve a rich green shade, you really need to pack it on and built it up. It requires multiple layers of shadow to really achieve a noticeable colour. Otherwise, it will just look like gold glitter. As for the glitter, that aspect is excellent. There is a lovely combination of gold and green glitter, with some flecks smaller and some larger. That creates a really dynamic glittering eyeshadow look. So, pigmentation is okay but the glitter is absolutely spot on.

Want to see what this single eyeshadow looks like? This is a one-shadow makeup look I created using this Camila Cabello shade. Be sure to let me know what you think of it....

Overall, this is a decent eyeshadow. Though I don't like the fact that the colour really needs to be built up...the glitter is stunning. I love that you can create a really lovely makeup look using just one shade. It acts as a nice reminder that my life doesn't have to be all palettes all the time.

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried anything from the collection?


  1. Shining 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. I haven't tried this collection but I love the eyeshadow, I'm addicted to glitter!

    Freak Muffin Blog

    1. Oh my gosh, me too. I LOVE all things that glitter, shimmer, and shine!

  3. The glitter is awesome! Love it!

  4. It's really beautiful :)

    A big kiss in your heart <3

  5. It looks beautiful on you! :)

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  6. This color is stunning on you! Love how you created the different hues with one shadow!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  7. İ love it s shining. Kisses 😍

  8. I love the shimmer of your eyeshadow and it really suits you. <3

    Only Yesterday