Thursday, February 22, 2018

the blogger tag.

What is it about Internet tags? They are always so much fun to do. Whether I am answering the questions myself or reading someone else's....they are a blast. Which is what inspired my post for today. I stumbled upon a post from Steph's World and thought it would be fun to take part in "The Blogger Tag." The questions range from blog related to personal, preferences, beauty, and more. If you are interested in taking part, please do. I would love to read your answers! Now, to get down to business.....

1. How Tall Are You?

I am 5'8...which actually makes me the shortest person in my family! My mom, dad, brother, and sister are much taller than I am, so while my friends always say that I am a giant...I never feel like it.

2. Do You Have a Hidden Talent? If So, What?

Not that I can think of! My talents largely consist of writing and being creative. Oh, and lounging all day watching Netflix in a super cute onesie.

3. What's Your Biggest Blog-Related Pet Peeve?

Spam comments! I don't know why, but certain posts of mine always get a ton of spam comments left on them. (Usually for anti-virus software. So bizarre.) It is super frustrating because I have to go through and delete each and every one. Sigh!

4. What's Your Biggest Non-Blog Related Pet Peeve?

When someone is rude for no reason at all. I get it...we all have bad days....but some people seem to go out of their way to be nasty to complete and total strangers. I do not understand it at all.

5. What's Your Favourite Song?

My favourite song ever is "Breaktown" by Hanson. It is haunting, beautiful, and never fails to inspire me. Music is a huge part of my life and this song stands out among the rest.

6. What's Your Favourite Social Media Network?

Honestly, I love Instagram. Not that I post there a whole heck of a lot (every week or so), but I love looking at everyone else's pictures! I am a very visual person so it is a really exciting way to get inspired.

7. What's Your Favourite Way to Spend Your Free Time When You're Alone?

Free time isn't something I tend to have a lot of. Between working, my writing jobs, blogging, filming YouTube videos, and everyday responsibilities...there isn't a lot of time left over. But when I do treat myself to some downtime, I love watching TV, movies, writing for myself, and latch hooking.

8. What's Your Favourite Junk Food?

Ooh, this is tough. Junk food is definitely my weakness. I absolutely love chocolate, so anything with chocolate is a must!

9. Do You Have a Pet or Pets? If So, What Kind and What Are Their Names?

We actually have some fish! Right now we have six: Molly, Fishbert, the Mickeys, and the Neons. Before, we had some really wonderful goldfish that I loved so much but they passed away. Sigh.

10. What Are Your Number One Favourite NonFiction and Fiction Books?

Reading is such a huge part of my life, so it is definitely hard to choose. For non-fiction, I would say either "There Are Survivors" by Michael Cuccione or "My Life So Far" by Jane Fonda. For fiction books, "I Think I Love You" by Allison Pearson is it. (I actually wrote a book review about it several years back, if you are interested in checking it out.)

11. What's Your Favourite Beauty Product or Tool?

I have a serious obsession with the Master Palette by Mario and it is by far my most used eyeshadow palette...making it my favourite beauty product! It is gorgeous and I am terrified that it will run out soon.

12. When Were You Last Embarrassed? What Happened?

Not totally sure about this one! Frankly, I get embarrassed a lot because I am shy, anxious, and have a habit of over-thinking everything. So it was probably a minor moment rather than a hugely mortifying experience.

13. If You Could Only Drink One Beverage (Besides Water) For The Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Coke! I honestly love it so much and try to avoid drinking it as much as possible.

14. What's Your Favourite Movie?

Either the 2Ge+her movie or Annie. Probably Annie, based on the amount of times that I have watched that in my life. Or in the last month. Whether I am happy, sad, sick, or in somewhere in is all Annie all the time.

15. What Was Your Favourite Lesson In School and Why?

English, for sure! The written word has always meant a lot to me.

16. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Live?

Ideally, in Walt Disney World. They have villas where you can live...and that is what I would do if I ever won the lottery. Live on Disney property and go to the parks all the time. Other places I would want to live? London, England or Ottawa, Ontario.

17. PC or MAC?

PC! I don't think I could ever justify spending the extra money on a MAC.

18. Last Romantic Gesture From a Crush/Date/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse? 

Luckily, my husband is pretty good about doing little things to make me happy or to make my life easier. I am very grateful for that. The last thing he did was just a few minutes ago! He brought me a Lindor chocolate, something to drink, and gave me a kiss. It's the little things that mean the most.

19. Favourite Celebrity?

This is an impossible question. I have a real obsession with pop culture, so there are many celebrities that I admire, respect, and look up to. My favourite is either Britney Spears or Taylor Hanson.

20. What Blogger Do You Secretly Want to Be Best Friends With?

There are so many! I am a big fan of a lot of bloggers....which is why I read so many different blogs on a daily basis. But one that I absolutely adore is Sonia Verardo from Trench Collection

21. Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My parents are probably my biggest source of inspiration. Other than that? My husband, Meg Cabot (my favourite author), Britney Spears, and Michael Cuccione.

22. What Is Your Favourite Blog to Read? 

Again, there are so many. I adore Trench Collection (which I mentioned above) but I also really love I Am Maleficent, New England Romance, Pinkie Love, and Fairytale Kiss.

23. What's Your Favourite High Street Shop?

I don't know if this is considered a high street place to shop but I do like to splurge at Hudson's Bay sometimes. They have lots of great lines there, like Calvin Klein, Material Girls, and Free People.

24. Are You In Education or Do You Work?

I finished University and received my Honours BA...and now I am working. (Though only part-time in my field. Ahh, the joys of being in a dying industry.) 

25. One Thing You Are Proud Of?

That I continue to become a better, happier, more accomplished person with every day that passes.

Feel free to try this tag for yourself....and let me know if you post it. I would love to read your answers.


  1. love this! always great to find out a bit more about fellow bloggers :) quite a lot in common! I'm also all about Instagram!

  2. Nice to know you better! Ineteresting answers. :)

    Kathy's delight

  3. Love this tag! Great answers dear <3

  4. How interesting to read your answers :) I think these questions are not aimed at somebody living in the Nordics, so that is the only reason why I won't answer them myself. But a Q&A post could be nice to write, thanks for the idea, and for leaving such a kind comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    1. Well, a Q&A post could definitely be fun! I hope you wind up doing one :)

  5. Amazing tag, I loved reading this and learning more about you. Junk food is my weakness as well, but unlike you, I actually have episodes of not wanting to see chocolate for the rest of my life, and on other days I tend to overeat it and feel sick to my stomach, saying: "Never again!", and then I dig into another bar five minutes later. xD
    By the way, your favourite eyeshadow palette has gorgeous shades, I totally understand why you're afraid that you'll use it all up. ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, I know you are not alone on the chocolate front! A lot of people I know are all about chocolate for a while, overdo it, and then never want to see it again. Totally relatable!