Monday, February 26, 2018

creative DIY makeup storage ideas

Makeup is everywhere. The countertop is loaded with beauty products, foundation, eyeshadow palettes, and false lashes. Despite my best efforts to stay organized…. there is a full-blown makeup catastrophe taking place in my bathroom. Sound familiar? Storing makeup is no easy feat. You want everything to look nice but still be accessible. Talk about a challenge!

If you couldn’t tell, I am currently in the midst of a massive makeup organization project. I confess. I am tired of digging through pile after pile to find the one eyeshadow I had in mind. Or wondering where on earth I left that gorgeous pink lip gloss. Are you struggling with makeup organization, too? Then join me on this journey. Here are a few DIY tasks to help you perfect your makeup storage. 

Turn Vases or Plant Bases Into Brush Holders. Do you find it difficult to store your makeup brushes in a convenient yet aesthetically pleasing manner? Then this first DIY idea will peak your interest. Do you have a short vase lying around? How about an old plant base or even a coffee mug? Decorate and enjoy! Throw some stones into the vase, add coloured sand to the plant base, or decorate your mug with cute sayings. Then toss your brushes inside. Suddenly you will have colour, personality, and a way to keep your brushes safe and sound.

Decorate and Hang Old Mason Jars. Running low on shelf space? No room left on your counter? Turn to the walls! This next creative DIY makeup storage idea is a great way to store your products: decorate old mason jars. If you have some left over, great. Otherwise, head to your local dollar store. Then decorate with magazine clippings, wrapping paper, ribbon, or anything else that strikes your fancy. (Bonus points if you decorate the jars to match your bathroom décor!) Tie string or twine around the top of the jar leaving a large loop. Put a removable wall hook on your bathroom wall and let the jar hang from it. You can store lipsticks, nail polish shades, or concealers.

Re-Purpose Old Gift Boxes. How many random boxes do you have lying around? You know, ones you get around the holidays – or ones that makeup and perfume sets come in? Use them! Pick up some cute wrapping paper and re-wrap the boxes. Then store your makeup inside. You can display the re-purposed gift boxes on a shelf or on your counter top. That extra pop of colour will make sure your storage looks as gorgeous as your next makeup look.

There are so many great ways to spruce up your makeup counter. And help with storage, too! Give these fun DIY projects a try. Not only are they simple and fun to do…but your bathroom will look better than ever. It is every makeup lovers dream!

How do you keep your makeup organized?


  1. I use old cute boxes as well as some vases to store some of my makeup too!! Love it :)

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