Sunday, February 4, 2018

beginner series: make your lip colour last

Has it happened to you? You left the house with perfectly applied lipstick, but by the time you reach mid-day, that stunning red lip has faded into oblivion. Despite all of the long-lasting formulas and 24-hour claims, most lip colours fail to have the staying power we crave. Especially when you add in tasks like eating or drinking! You want your makeup to look picture perfect all day long. Well, it can. These tips will make sure your lip colour lasts all day and all night.

Prep Your Lips. Are your lips dry or chapped? This could be causing your lipstick to fade prematurely. When your lips are damaged, lipsticks and glosses are unable to adhere to the skin. The solution is simple: pay attention to your pout. Use a lip scrub every now and again, apply a lip balm with an SPF whenever you go out into the sun, and put on chapstick before you go to bed at night. The more you take care of your lips, the longer your lip products will last.

Use a Lip Liner. Now that your lips are prepped and ready to go it is time to start using products. The best place to start is with a lip liner. Lip pencils are a fantastic base for any lip color. Not only does the texture give your lipstick something to adhere to…. but it also works to intensify the shade. That means your bright pink will be super vibrant. Plus, careful application can make your pout look extra full.

Search For Long-Lasting Products. Know those long-lasting lipsticks that claim to stay on forever and ever? They don’t. However they still last longer than those regular lipstick formulas. So layer a long lasting product over top of your lip liner. (They tend to be more pigmented.) If you can, opt for a matte shade rather than something creamy or with shimmer, since the latter breaks down faster. A few product suggestions include: anything from Kylie Cosmetics and the Fierce Effects line from Hard Candy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Blot. One of the best ways to make your lipstick last? Blot! This is a trick my grandmother taught me years and years ago. After you apply your lipstick, grab a tissue and blot your lips. This will get rid of any oil from the lipstick – while leaving you with all of that gorgeous color. Then apply another layer of lipstick. Even if it fades later in the day, the first layer of color will keep your pout looking picture perfect.

Why watch your lipstick fade away? You want it to look great and last. These tips will make sure your must-have lip products never let you down.

xo Shannon