Friday, December 15, 2017

holiday music spotlight: hanson

Hanson is my favourite band. They have been since I was ten years old. Being a fan for twenty years (and counting) means there have been plenty of highlights and stand out moments. Like going to my first concert, meeting Taylor Hanson, and taking the walk on a very snowy afternoon. One early highlight came when they released their first Christmas album, Snowed In, way back in November of 1997.

It instantly became an iconic album to me. I remember locking myself in my room with my brother's boombox (back then, I didn't have one of my own) and listening to it over and over again. As the years family also started listening to it during the holidays. It often plays in the background while we decorate the house, which always makes me happy. It is nice when music that means something to you is paired with special seasonal memories. Needless to say, Snowed In is a favourite.

Snowed In: Standout Songs
  • Merry Christmas Baby
  • At Christmas 
  • Silent Night Medley
With Snowed In being one of my most listened to holiday albums, I was both excited and nervous about Hanson's new Christmas album, Finally It's Christmas. On one hand, I was giddy about the idea of new seasonal music from my favourite band. On the other hand, could it possibly live up to my enormously high expectations? Well, it turns out my worrying was for nothing. The album is everything I hoped it would be. It felt safe, warm, and like I was home again. 

Finally It's Christmas: Standout Songs
  • Blue Christmas
  • Finally It's Christmas
  • 'Till New Years Night 

Yes, Hanson is a big part of my life. And a big part of my holiday season. With two Christmas albums to is no wonder!

Have you heard these holiday albums? What do you listen to during this time of year?

xo Shannon


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