Wednesday, March 22, 2017

review: artdeco eyeshadow base

I tend to cheap out on makeup essentials. It's bad, I know, but there is something so unexciting about a primer, moisturizer, and concealer. Don't get me wrong...these products are important. In fact, they can make or break your overall look. But they just don't excite me the way a stunning eyeshadow shade does or a beautiful new blush. I feel the same way about clothes. My wardrobe tends to lack many essential items because I find them so dull. I prefer to spend my money on fun things rather than practical necessities.

Which explains why my favourite eyeshadow primer comes from E.l.f. Simply put, it is cheap and works well. Why bother trying anything else? In the past, I have used other eyeshadow primers from Benefit, Too Faced, and Urban Decay. Typically, I'd have a sample or they had been included in an eyeshadow set. I liked them fine, but didn't see a noticeable difference. Especially when you consider the price difference. Spending the extra money just didn't seem worth it.

Then my husband brought home the ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base. He had seen it at work and thought I might like to give it a try. How sweet! Unfortunately, the eye primer worked better than anything I had ever used before. The bottle is small and easy to use, the product glides on effortlessly, makes my eyeshadows pop, and helps them last all day without creasing. It is pretty much the perfect product. Except that it costs $15 for a small jar of primer. Sigh! Now I am left with the ultimate beauty repurchase or not to repurchase?

Let's break it down. There is a $10 price difference. Both products are easy to use. Each one works well but the ARTDECO base is silky, smooth, and pure perfection. So, is is time to up the anty on my eyeshadow primer? I am on the fence. Part of me wants to continue using my trusty (and affordable) E.l.f. primer while the other part wants to splurge on this fabulous ARTDECO primer.

Help me out here! Which primer should I use? E.l.f. or ARTDECO?

xo Shannon


  1. Well... if the difference is that noticeable, I think ARTDECO is the one to repurchase ;)

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  2. Looks interesting!

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  3. ooh. ive never tried either primers. I usually use urban decay primer potion.

  4. This is great :)

  5. Thanks for this interesting post))

  6. this is great!!thank you for the Review!

  7. I know the brand but not this product. I must try me too!