Friday, March 10, 2017

madonna week: quotes and moments of inspiration

Words have always inspired me. They have kept me company and given me hope in both good and bad times. Perhaps that is why looking through Madonna quotes filled me with an undeniable sense of purpose. I felt inspired, powerful, and in complete awe of her badassery. Madonna is one woman who is totally unafraid to voice her opinion, share her thoughts, and stand tall. This is something that motivates me to be more open and honest about how I feel. A lot of times, I keep my opinions to myself or do what I can to keep the peace. What I think is rarely what I say. Especially around people that I do not know very well. Maybe I need to start thinking: What Would Madonna Say? She is bold, brave, and strong. And I can be, too. I just need to remind myself sometimes!

For today's post, I have collected a few of my all-time favourite Madonna quotes. They are a huge source of inspiration to me. As you go through these Madonna quotes, I challenge you to bring her strength with you throughout the day. And maybe, just maybe, ask yourself: What Would Madonna Say?

Hopefully this post inspired you to bring out your inner Madonna - and make this life as beautiful and unique as possible. Shine your light and never forget how incredible you are.

What is your favourite Madonna quote?

xo Shannon

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