Monday, March 20, 2017

luck is believing you're lucky.

For me, St. Patrick's Day will always have a special place in my heart. It was during a night out to celebrate the holiday that I was introduced to my future husband. Since that initial meeting, we have tried to do something to commemorate the holiday each year. I guess you could say that we are both a little sentimental about it!

This year was definitely one of the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations I have ever had. It began on Monday, several days before the actual event. I was headed to my parents house to visit when my mom told me to come dressed in green! When I got there, I found a fabulous St. Patrick's Day celebration waiting for me. There were cheesy accessories (hats, green necklaces, and sparkling green glasses to be exact), delicious green sugar cookies, and a cake - with green icing of course. We had a blast just being silly together.

Then came the actual day. My husband and I originally planned to go out for dinner but wound up treating ourselves to homemade chicken fingers and fries. A perfect meal! We dressed in green, ate well, and watched episodes of Bar Rescue (our favourite show to watch together). We even played bar tender by attempting to re-create some of the custom cocktails from the Bar Rescue episodes. It was definitely a laid back night...but a fun one, too!

It was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Read to take a peek at the St. Patrick's Day festivities? Here are some of the pictures I snapped during the evening....

St. Patrick's Day is an important holiday for me. It reminds me of the life changing night that my husband and I first met. Talk about lucky!

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year?

xo Shannon


  1. I like your make up Dear, so beautiful:*

  2. Hi dear! In Italy is not celebrated, but I wish you good luck from me too !!!