Sunday, September 11, 2016

what meditation has taught me.

It didn't come naturally. Meditation seemed like an impossible idea. At least for me. How could I possibly shut off my mind? Let go of the worries and anxiety that constantly bombard my thoughts? It was a nice idea....but it felt totally unrealistic. That led me to guided meditation. I found some online and eventually bought some guided meditation CDs. They became my saving grace. The meditations allowed me to listen, focus my mind, and find the inner peace I so desperately needed.

The fall season can be a lot of things. Exciting, memorable, and yes, even stressful. Suddenly those carefree summer days are nothing but a memory - and reality is staring you straight in the eye. Cue panic. My way of dealing with the shift? Meditation. I try to take advantage of small moments whenever possible, If I have time to myself then a longer meditation is in order. I set up my space (my office floor, surrounded by lit candles and meaningful objects) and fall into the process.

Not sure if meditation is something you want to try? Here are some of the things it has taught me.

  • It's Okay To Do Things For Myself. I used to put myself on the back burner. It was work first, followed by responsibilities, and then what was expected of me. If I wasn't busy (or overworked or stressed out) there was a part of me that felt like a failure. This is likely a response to our go-go-go society, but I digress. Meditation has taught me that it's okay to take time for myself....that I need to. That I deserve to. 
  • Kindness Starts From Within. Okay, I admit it. I am not always sunshine and roses. I get grumpy, irritated, and tired like any normal human being. The difference? I used to tear myself apart for feeling anything but happy. Which only made me grumpier, more irritated, and absolutely exhausted. Funny how that works! Meditation has taught me to treat myself with love and kindness. And once I started to treat myself better? I started to treat other people better, too. It really is a win-win.
  • I Can Be Proud Of Who I Am. There are many other things meditation has taught me so far. Like the ability to focus, the power of the mind, and the fact that serenity really does exist. Perhaps the most important thing I have learned along the way? I am proud of who I am. I love myself and I love my life. While it is certainly not perfect (my career is definitely not where I want it to be)......I am grateful for life's many blessings. I have an incredible family, some great friends, and things that I am passionate about. All in all? Life is good. 
Want to try meditation for yourself? Here is a get started guide and one of my favourite guided meditations on YouTube.You never know what you might learn from the experience.

xo Shannon


  1. Glad to read that meditation works for you, Shannon.

  2. I've done all kinds of yoga and I loved that, but this sounds like a bit of a different experience. I definitely want to give the getting started guide a go!