Monday, September 26, 2016

hit or miss: hard candy metallic mousse lip color

Few do it better. Hard Candy is not just an affordable option for makeup is a company that is always pushing the envelope. While other drugstore brands are content to dish out the same old items (like foundation, powder, and some neutral eyeshadows), Hard Candy dares to be different. Just think about their Fierce Effects lipstick line. The shades range from soft and subtle pinks to sky blue and bright yellow. There are also the pigments, the new mix in foundation drops, strobing kits, and well, a ton of other beauty products to consider.

Hard Candy is constantly putting out new makeup. They pay attention to the hottest trends and make them accessible to the masses. Needless to say, I have an awful lot of respect for this company. The reality? Not every item from Hard Candy is a winner. Some become holy grail products while others fall short of expectations. So I was both nervous and excited when I saw the display of the new Metallic Mousse Lip Colors. They looked so beautiful - and were packaged just like the Velvet Mousse line. (Which I happen to be obsessed with.) After much deliberation, I chose two shades to start with. Even though I wanted to buy every single one of them.

The first was Sandstorm and the second was Penny Talk. The latter had me especially excited because it looked so similar to the Kylie Cosmetics Metals shade, Reign. There were seven shades to choose from, ranging from metallic nudes to light pinks and a gorgeous berry tone. Definitely a nice shade selection. Though it was harder to see the difference between the lighter shades based on the packaging alone. It would be great to have testers available! But alas. I had to play the guessing game.

I chose Sandstorm because it looked like a silvery nude - and it seemed the most wearable. Penny Talk was an absolute must for me because I love the idea of a coppery lip colour. The lipsticks come in cute metal tins (which is uncharacteristically luxurious for drugstore makeup) and can be applied using the tilted doe foot applicator. The packaging is gorgeous and application is super simple.

So, how are the lipsticks themselves? It is both a hit and a miss on this one. Sandstorm looks absolutely stunning in the tube. Unfortunately, it looks awful on me. This might work for a different skin tone but on my pale skin, it winds up looking a bit like alien makeup. (Which actually might come in handy for Halloween. Who knows!) The texture is smooth and creamy. The pigmentation is fantastic. The only thing that was not a win for me was the colour itself. Very disappointing. But then there was Penny Talk. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. This shade is bold, dramatic, and sultry. It has great staying power, is comfortable on the lips, and looks amazing.

The Metallic Mousse Lip Colors are a serious hit. Just be careful that you choose a flattering shade for your complexion. You will love the bold metallic finish these offer!

Have you tried anything from this line? What is your favourite Hard Candy product?

xo Shannon


  1. wow you look fabulous Doll:)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Wow! I wish I could rock thse metallic lipstick shade like you do, Shannon. It looks glam on you.

  3. Love it! Thank you so much sharing.

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  4. Oh very cute products darling!

  5. looks good