Wednesday, July 20, 2016

creating a bold glitter eye makeup look.

It was time to do something different. To push myself creatively. It had been a long time since I locked myself away with my makeup products. Not because I was going out. Not because I was filming a YouTube video. But because I wanted to express myself.  That is exactly what I did a few weeks back. I had the apartment to myself and a massive list of things to get done. In the middle of writing yet another article...I got up. I walked to the bathroom. I took out a few products. And then I started to put together a makeup look. Honestly? At the end of it? I was stunned by what I had created. It was so different to my normal makeup looks. It was bold. It was dramatic. It was colourful. Most of all? It was a lot of fun to do. By the end of the process, I was in a better mood. I felt lighter. Happier. Which is why I wanted to do a post about the creative process.

What I Used: 
  • Jem and the Holograms by Sephora Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette (Shades: 1980s, Rio, Hologram, Stinger, and Raya). 
  • Princessa Eyeshadow Pearl Powder in MG5
  • Hard Candy Walk The Line Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe
  • Cover Girl Lip Lava
The Finished Makeup Look: 

How I Did It:
  • I started by priming my eyelids and face. Then I went through my everyday foundation routine.
  • The eyes were first. 1980s (the purple shade) was applied all over my eyelids. Rio (the turquoise) was applied on top and into the corners. Then it was blended out with Stinger (the shimmery brown shade). Hologram (the silver) was applied to the inner corner and Raya (the shimmery rose shade) was applied underneath the brow bone. I tried to create an elongated look that was a little more dramatic than a regular day-to-day style.
  • The Princessa glitter was applied over top. I used a dab of clear lip gloss to make sure the surface was tacky enough to hold the product. Then I used a flat brush to apply lots and lots of glitter to the center of the eyelid. 
  • Next up was the eyeliner. I created a long cat-eye wing and applied a coat of mascara. Then I added on some false lashes (the Ardell lash accents) for an extra pop of drama.
  • After following my foundation routine as usual - and opting for a bronzed cheek - I began to work on the lips. Poe is an underused lipstick colour that I love. So it was a pretty clear winner. I applied the midnight blue lipstick and then dotted a small amount of the Liquid Lava (a gorgeous golden gloss) just to the very center of the lips. 
That was it! The bold glitter eye makeup look was complete. It was dramatic, a little out there, and a whole lot of fun to create. I haven't had that much fun with makeup in a while. It was definitely a exciting experience.

Another dramatic makeup look I created recently? A Kardashian inspired look using the Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K. I posted a video on my YouTube channel showing off the look - and letting you all know what I thought of the  popular lip kit.

Bold makeup looks are easily my favourite thing right now. What do you think of these?

xo Shannon


  1. 1980s is a perfect name for that shade! Love this bold look on you.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. woooooow amazing make up!

  3. Wow! This is so hot for a night out! Well done Shannon

  4. You are so pretty <3


  5. Hi dear! this makeup is very very ggreat!

  6. You did a good job! And bold makeup is awesome I must admit.

    Little Moon Elephant

  7. Oh my gosh! You look so fab, Shannon. How could have I missed that palette?!?!? And I agree with you about that Kylie kit. I have True Brown. That liner and liquid lipstick are magic:)

  8. This is such a gorgeous look on you, I love it!!! Very bold and dark, but gorgeous!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  9.'s amazing!!!!!!

  10. Yesssss, love it girl!