Friday, July 22, 2016

super simple ways to spread happiness.

The world is not what I want it to be. Our society has become destructive, negative, and cruel. We have innocent black men being shot by police officers. We have children being cyber bullied. Everywhere we turn...there is hatred and anger. It scares me. It makes me feel lost. It makes me feel like there is more bad than good in the world. These feelings were already brewing inside of me. Then I read about Playboy bunny, Dani Mathers. She posted a photo of a naked woman changing at her gym - complete with a cruel remark and a photograph of herself laughing. It made me sick. That someone would feel entitled to violate someones privacy and post it on Snapchat. For me? That summed up all of the sadness I feel about our world today. Too many people pick themselves up by dragging others down.

It shouldn't be that way. It doesn't have to be. Despite how brokenhearted I am about the world today....there is still this flicker of hope. This part of me that is holding onto the belief that things will change. That things will get better. If only we try. It is time to take action (through petitions, contacting local officials, and speaking out) and spread happiness (through small acts of love of kindness). Today, I want to share with you a few super simple ways that you can make the world a happier place. Remember: one small action can cause a ripple effect.

  • Read and Share Positive Quotes. Personally? I love a good quote. The right one can make you think, provoke deep thought, and inspire your day. To spread happiness be sure to read quotes and share them. Send one to your BFF on the day of her big job interview. Post one on your Instagram account. Tell it to a co-worker. The more you can do to spread joy, happiness, and positivity, the better. (One of my favourite quotes at the moment is: Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. And most of all, care for people without expectation.
  • Smile When You Pass Someone On The Street. The next one on the list is something I am actively working on. I walk home from work a lot during the summer months. Usually, I am wearing my iPod and want nothing more than to reach my destination. So when I walk past someone? My head is down. Lately, I have been trying to change this. To flash a friendly smile as I go by. It sounds simple enough but it takes a lot of work. I am re-training my brain to be open to others. Join me on my quest to spread happiness. Smile when you pass someone on the street. It might just make their day. 
  • Leave Messages In Random Places. It is time to grab that old pad of Post It notes from your desk drawer. This is your chance to put it to good use. Write down messages of kindness on each sheet of paper. (Things like: you're beautiful, someone loves you, or life is a wonderful journey.) Then as you go about your day? Stick these post it notes to random things. Like a shelf at a bookstore. A telephone poll. The community mailbox. Someone will see it. Chances are? It will make them smile.
  • Treat Yourself With Love and Compassion. One thing we are often guilty of is treating ourselves poorly. We think awful things about ourselves. We are critical. Hateful. Negative. The best way to spread happiness is to include yourself in the process. Focus on positive thoughts, self-praise, and inner confidence. When you love yourself? You are better able to spread love to other people. Remind yourself how special you are. Then get out there and make the world a happier place.
These are just a few suggestions to help you get started. Please share your own in the comment section below! The more ideas we have....the better. 

xo Shannon


  1. It's so important to stay positive and put that type of energy out there is world full a negativity. Keep it up and pass it on, girl!
    xx, CD

  2. This is probably the biggest reason I've marched in the Pride parade the last 2 years. It is my (small) way of speaking out against homophobia, and standing with a community many friends of mine are a part of.

  3. Positive quotes may sound cheesy, but they are so great! I love a good uplifting quote.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. Stay positive and never loose hope because you don't know when miracles happen.

  5. lovely post.

  6. I love this! Our world has become such a sad place lately. But it's people like you that can make a serious difference. I've always said that a smile can change someone's day. So yeah, maybe we're not changing the ways of the world, but with each smile or act of kindness, we are perhaps helping a few people who are potentially struggling to get through. Wonderful post! xoxoxoxo

  7. I love this! Quotes are great. I love scribbling some in my journal when I see one that really makes me think. Also, smiling is a great thing. I've noticed that when you have a smile on, you automatically make someone else feel good. At work I'm just a cashier, but when I'm smiling big and acting positive, it makes people feel more happy right away. I love it! It's almost like a social experiment for me hahah