Sunday, July 31, 2016

catching up: beauty resolutions for 2016

Do you remember that photo? It was posted on my blog at the beginning of the year. There were a number of specific beauty goals that I wanted to focus on for 2016. Like taking off my makeup before bed and making skin care a priority. Seeing as we are a little over halfway through the year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my progress so far. How are these resolutions going? Have they been abandoned completely? Or am I making positive changes? Here are some beauty resolution updates....

  • Resolution: Use More Of What I Have (And Buy Less!) I knew right off the bat that this resolution was going to be a difficult one for me. There is something so intriguing about a new product. Trying new things is exciting....and it allows you to gain a better understanding of the current market. But there is something to be said for using what you have. For celebrating the items already in your collection instead of always reaching for new, new, new. This year? I have splurged on a fair amount of makeup. No doubt about that. But I have also reeled myself in more than ever. Before I buy anything, I always ask myself, Will I use it? Do I need it? Do I already have something similar? That is helping me buy less - and use more of what I have. 
  • Resolution: Take Off My Makeup Before Bed. Honestly? This one is so hard for me to do. Probably because I fall asleep watching TV half the time. This resolution is not a resounding success so far. Though I am certainly doing better. I would say I fall asleep in my makeup four days a opposed to seven. What do they say? Progress, not perfection! I am going to continue to work on this as the year goes on.
  • Resolution: Establish (And Maintain) A Proper Skin Care Routine. Success! This is one resolution that I never ever thought would work. I tend to be very lazy when it comes to important things like skin care. Not this year. I have actively been taking better care of my skin by using face masks, hydrating creams, eye serums, and all the rest. It has made a really noticeable difference. 
  • Resolution: Be More Adventurous With Colour....No More Comfort Zone! Another success. My go-to shades tend to be warm neutrals but this year I have been branching out. Not only have I been reaching for fun pops of colour - but I have been doing ultra colourful, bold, and out there makeup looks as well. Just for fun. There is nothing better than getting creative with makeup. So I have been trying to do that as often as I can. It feels really good.
  • Resolution: Wear False Lashes More Frequently. This is something I still feel like I am working on. I tend to wear false lashes in my YouTube videos but other than that? Very rarely. Most of the time this is because I run out of time while I am getting ready. That means gorgeous falsies are simply not possible. But that's okay! Something to work on in the second half of 2016.
Overall? I would say I am doing fairly well. Though there is certainly room for improvement! Looking at this list is a great reminder to stay focused on continue making positive changes.

How are your beauty resolutions coming?

xo Shannon


  1. great article

  2. you just motivated me to do a "middle of the year" check on my 2016 resolutions! amazing post :)