Thursday, June 9, 2016

YouTube: CoverGirl truNaked palettes: Day + Night Looks

It was ages ago now. But I came across some small eyeshadow palettes from Cover Girl in my local drugstore. I was both intrigued and hesitant. Intrigued because I am a sucker for drugstore eyeshadow palettes. Hesitant because I have never had much luck with Cover Girl eyeshadows. Yet for whatever reason....I found myself picking up two of the three truNaked palettes. (There are Roses, Goldens, and Nudes.) The Roses palette and Goldens palette instantly caught my eye. I just loved the colour combinations. There was a nice mixture of light and dark shades. Of glitter and shimmer finishes.

Each eyeshadow palette came with eight different eyeshadow colours. Roses included: Almond (a soft velvety cream), Champagne (a gorgeous shimmery champagne), Baby (a light mauve), Rose Gold (a super pigmented and shimmery rose gold), Copper Rose (a mid-toned mauve), Dusk (a deeper purple shade), Mauvergine (a beautiful deep mauve), and Mousse (a glittery dark purple). Then there was the Goldens palette. It had: Creme (a yellow toned cream shade), Chiffon (a golden toned shimmer), Cookie (a soft brown), Sunkissed (a gorgeous shimmery gold), Camel (a shimmery golden brown), Ginger (a copper toned brown), Ecru (a deep forest green), and Sierra (a dark brown). Here is a closer look at the two palettes in my collection....

As you can see from the pictures above....there is a really lovely variety of shades included in each eyeshadow palette. The best part? The part that totally surprised me? Just how wonderful these shadows perform. The texture is smooth, soft, and consistent. They blend well. They are highly pigmented. In short? They are a serious drugstore find. Over the last few months, I have reached for these palettes over and over again. They are great for travel, perfect if you are in a rush, or if you want to do something a little more dramatic. 

These Cover Girl truNaked palettes really inspired me. Which is why I decided to film a little daytime and nighttime look. I used the Roses palette for daytime and the Goldens palette (my personal favourite) for the evening look. You can check it all out on my YouTube channel

Cover Girl really impressed me. These eyeshadow palettes are truly fantastic. They are by far one of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes in my collection. Next time you go shopping? Pick one up. Try it. Fall in love with it. 

Have you tried the Cover Girl truNaked eyeshadow palettes?

xo Shannon