Thursday, June 2, 2016

life is short. buy more blush.

It feels good to get more for less. Especially when it comes to makeup. There are high-end products that I absolutely adore....but there are cheaper items that make me just as happy. Like the Mariposa blush palettes pictured above. They actually came from the dollar store. I happened upon them ages ago and decided to give them a shot. Now? They are one of my most reached for products. The pigmentation is wonderful, there is a lovely range of colours, and they are quick and easy to use.

These came with me on my trip to Florida. And they often get tossed into my purse. The reason? There is a ton of shade variety, they are nice and compact, and each shade is super pigmented. My favourite of the two blush palettes has to be the one on the right. It features a nude shade, a bronzey colour, a soft pink, and a deep mauve. Love the variety here. (The other palette is fantastic as well but it focuses more on pink and coral shades.) I guess you could say these are on my short list of blush favourites. Which is why I used them to complete a recent makeup look. Take a look.....

Blush is one of my favourite things. When it comes to my own personal makeup habits....I buy more eyeshadow and blush than anything else. I just love playing with colour. I love the way something like blush can complete a makeup look. The way it can elevate a simple creation to something chic and unforgettable. No wonder my makeup collection is pretty well stocked with blush. That is exactly what inspired my latest YouTube video. Want to take a peek at these Mariposa palettes? To see my blush collection in its entirety? Then head to the creation of beauty it art. YouTube channel.

Do you love blush? Which blush shade is your all-time favourite?

xo Shannon


  1. These look like such gorgeous shades, I'll have to see if I can get my hands on Mariposa in the UK, would love to try! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! I will be very glad if you will come to me! Please write comments to new posts that you like!

  3. Beautiful colors!!!

  4. I think I only have one blush lol it's by Milani.

  5. Shannon, thank you so much for this post!!! I never knew the ones from the dollar store are good! Imma gonna check them out! And love love love that vid. Blush is my makeup weakness too, although I don't buy them as much coz I tend to use one until I hit pan, which is boring...I know:D Those ones from Hard Candy and Milani look fantastic as well!

  6. Wow, what an impressive collection!!!


    Tamara -

  7. These look great! I was never much into blush until I got a Stila cream blush. Now I'm obsessed!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance