Sunday, June 12, 2016

get beachy waves this summer.

We all want them: beachy waves. They are stylish, relaxed, and romantic. It doesn't matter if you are rocking a maxi dress or a printed crop top. This hairstyle compliments any and all style choices. No wonder it has become such a seasonal must. Don't don't need to clock all of your summer hours at the beach to nab this stunning style. You can fake it at home with the right products. Oh, and a few essential tips and tricks. Personally? I love to wear beachy waves all summer long. This hairstyle makes me feel amazing. Now it's your turn. This is your guide to bold and beautiful beachy waves.

Start By Creating a Little Texture. Okay. First thing is first. It is time to create that oh-so-gorgeous beachy texture. You can do this by choosing your hair products very wisely. There are tons to choose from. It all comes down to what works for your hair. This might require a bit of trial and error. See if you can pick up samples or smaller sized bottles. Some fantastic choices include: sea salt sprays (I like the one from Bumble and Bumble), curl boosting mousses (the Herbal Essences one is fantastic and affordable), and creams (the AG Hair Beach Bomb is my go to product).

Apply to damp hair and scrunch through. From there? You can air dry or use heat. Something I like to do if I have the luxury of time is to scrunch the AG Hair Beach Bomb through damp hair, let it dry halfway, then put my  hair into a couple of small buns. By the time my makeup is hair will be perfectly beachy. A little hairspray and I am good to go!

Add Definition With Heat Styling Tools. Once your product has been applied, you can reach for heat styling tools to speed up the process. Use your hair dryer to dry your hair completely. Just be sure to scrunch your hair as you go. This will keep those waves intact. When your hair is nice and dry you can add a little extra oomph to those relaxed waves. Grab your curling iron and curl random sections of hair. Let each curl cool and shake through with your fingers. You can also create looser curls using your hair straightener. Focus the curl on the lower hair of the length for the best results.

There are many different ways to score unforgettable beachy waves. It all depends on your own personal preferences. The key is to make sure you create waves rather than curls. Keep it nice and relaxed. Ideally you want your hair to look totally effortless. (Even if it isn't!) Another styling option is to twist or braid your hair immediately after you shower. Then sleep on it. Literally. Go to bed and by the time you wake up? Your hair will look picture perfect.

How do you achieve beachy waves?

xo Shannon


  1. Beautiful, I'm lucky to have them, and dry natural hold.
    Good evening see you soon.

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  3. I wish I can look this good running in the beach! :D But seriously, these are grat tips, Shannon. I prefer the braiding-then-sleeping-on-it method myself coz it's the least damaging, but for a quick one, heat styling is the way to go IMO:)

  4. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Wow, so pretty!


  6. Lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Nice post. Like it!

  8. Cool tips, Shannon. Thx for sharing.

  9. Beach waves are so cute! I've never had them myself, but they're so fun.

  10. Soo beautiful! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo