Monday, January 18, 2016

YouTube: Bold and Bright Lipstick Try On

You might remember a recent post. It highlighted some of the makeup items I received for Christmas. There were eyeshadows, liners, and even a few lip products. The most noteworthy? The eight lipsticks from Femme Lipstick KleanColor. It was love at first sight. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by all of those incredible bright shades. The reason? Lately I have been branching out with lipstick. Grabbing green, blue, purple, and anything else I can get my hands on. So these were a makeup dream come true. 

The colours themselves are super inspirational. They make me want to push myself creatively, try new things, and really get out of my neutral-colours-only mentality. Despite how bright and bold they are....these lipsticks have been getting an awful lot of use lately. Especially that light blue. I find it shockingly easy to wear. And I confess: it is my favourite of the bunch. Since I have been feeling so loved up about these lipsticks, I thought I would give you all a closer look. 

My YouTube channel has a brand new video. It is a Bold and Bright Lipstick Try On featuring there oh-so-gorgeous shades. See what they look like in action on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel.

Lipsticks Pictured: 
- Magic Lime
- Golden Rule
- Jewelry Box
- After Hours
- Sealed Secret
- Cast of Spell
- Happily After
- Flirty Tango

Makeup has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. I love the way it can transform you on the outside....and the inside. It is a powerful tool. And an amazing way to express who you are. These lipsticks have been on my love list lately. The reasoning is simple. They make me excited to do my makeup. That is always an incredible feeling.

What do you think of these shades? Which is your favourite?

xo Shannon


  1. What a great post :)
    The colours are so stunning!
    xx Katha

  2. Gorgeous post.
    Keep up! :*

  3. Greeat post, thanks for sharing
    Would you like to follow each other and keep in touch?

  4. São todos tão giros!=)

  5. I loved the video! Those are great and funky colors, I specially liked the last one.