Thursday, January 28, 2016

my order experience: Miss A

Honestly? The majority of my shopping is done in a physical store. I love the immediacy of seeing the item, buying the item, and taking it home with me. There are plenty of advantages to online shopping, though. Like increased variety and lower prices. So even though I prefer to shop in an actual store....I do a bit of online shopping every now and again. Most recently? It was from the website Miss A. Emily from the YouTube channel, Beauty Broadcast posted a video a while back about her experience buying $1 makeup items from Miss A. Yes, $1. Needless to say, the concept was intriguing to me. Especially with the amount of money I tend to spend on new makeup. I figured this was a great opportunity to try out some new things without breaking the bank.

It was. Everything you see in the picture above cost me $15 CDN. Including shipping. So....what did I buy? A Pearl Brightening and Firming Face Mask (this was super soothing), an LA Colors Lip Trio Lipstick in Trilogy (this is my favourite thing from the bunch. Three different shades. One tube. Totally stunning and comfortable on the lips), four bright lipsticks (there was a light blue, a dark blue, a yellow, and a green. Overall these were fun to play with but had a harder texture that I did not like), a heart shaped eyeshadow palette in blue (this is amazing! the colours are shockingly pigmented and look absolutely beautiful. I love it!), a pair of dangling pearl earrings (they have Hello Kitty's on them. So cute), an arrow ring (this is stunning. I was actually wearing it when I met Donny Osmond in Niagara Falls), a Pearly Eyeshadow Stick (the formula is nice but the shade was not flattering on me at all), a Mineral Blush (so pigmented and pretty! Obsessed), and a Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadow (it is so shimmery).

The products were hit and miss. Some were incredible and others were just okay. But the great thing? At $1 a piece....there was really no disappointment. It was fun trying them out. And knowing that they didn't cost me an awful lot. There were a lot of things in this order that I have wound up loving and using a lot. So overall my order experience was a positive one. You can't beat the price or the unique selection. The only downside was the wait time. It took over a month for my order to arrive - and it did not even ship for two plus weeks after I placed it.

So be aware. If you are looking for cheap makeup to try out? You will love Miss A. If you want your makeup quickly? This is definitely not for you. Interested? Check out to see what they have in stock.

Have you tried this store before?

xo Shannon


  1. Nice items:)

  2. real nice!

  3. Cheap shopping always give me a thrill. $1 a piece is amazing!

  4. I have never heard of them but always looking out for discounts so will check them out. The eyeshadow palette looks beautiful and is definitely something I would like to try!


  5. Such an interesting shopping!!!
    Happy friday!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. amazing shopping!

  7. thanks for your comment <3
    those products look amazing :D

  8. Oh very cute haul darling!

  9. Cool, I will check it, too! :) ❤

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  10. It's my first time hearing about Miss A and wow, $1. That's really cheap. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Wow, this is awesome! Write again about how the products worked in the long run. I'm curious to know if they do well with your skin etc. I also love going into stores and walking around! I'm not a fan of shopping online, but I am becoming more of one because I'm starting to get annoyed at how the employees hound you with questions and products when you walk in the store. I know it's their job, but calm down!