Sunday, January 24, 2016

true happiness is a bottle of perfume.

My perfume shelf? Way too full. It is only recently that I realized just how extensive my perfume collection is. How did it happen? I picked up this cute little fragrance set and went to place the spray bottle on my shelf. Only to find there was no room. Not one inch. Ultimately I decided to precariously stack the small bottle on top of another. But that is certainly not a long term solution. Especially knowing my habit for picking up perfume whenever possible.

I wear perfume every single day. It isn't that they aren't getting used. I just prefer variety! There is something calming about the process. I'll pick up bottle after bottle to find the perfect scent for the day. One that represents how I feel. What I want to express. Who I am. That is the power of perfume. The right scent completes your look and gives you an extra boost of confidence as you start your day.

It's true. This little fragrance set made me realize just how many scents there are in my collection already. But....that isn't the only reason it is significant. The smell is fabulous. It is called Stunner and it certainly lives up to its name. The scent is light, pretty, and floral. Definitely what I would consider to be a girly scent. Slightly romantic and very easy to wear. This is the kind of perfume that I would reach for during the day or for a comfy night in with someone special. It is wonderful!

This set came with three products altogether. The perfume itself (which is a fairly small bottle. The only downside!) along with a scented hand sanitizer and a shower cream. Those were some really nice extras to include with the fragrance. I love throwing the hand sanitizer into my purse when I go out for the day. It's always nice to have on hand. That means smelling great on the go.

Stunner is such a lovely scent. I love the set, I love the smell, and I love the simplicity of the packaging. The only thing I do not love? The lack of space on my perfume shelf! With fragrances like this lurking around every corner....there is no way I'll be able to stop my habit. Oh least I will always smell good!

Have you tried this scent? What is your favourite perfume?

xo Shannon