Wednesday, April 8, 2015

new in and new favourites.

It's amazing how the little things can make you happy. Like wearing a gorgeous perfume or a sparkly pair of shoes. If there is one thing I love? It is the little boosts of confidence...the unexpected smiles....the moments of joy. It is no wonder my favourite quote right now is as follows: "It's the little moments that make life big." That quote is precisely why I have been snapping pictures of a few of my favourite things. That includes new shopping purchases and some much-used items. Today, I thought that I would share them with you! This is new in and new favourites.....

The first on this list are a couple of products from Avon. My mom ordered them for me when she placed her order and I have been using them constantly. The first is a brow gel and shadow set. It comes with some brow wax and a dark eyeshadow powder. I wasn't sure how effective this product would be, but it works really well! I was so impressed with the quality and ease of use. The other product there? An Avon eyeliner pencil. The great thing about this? It has a sharpener inside the actual cap. So every time you twist the cap back on you automatically sharpen it. An always sharp eyeliner pencil. Perfect for when I am in a rush or on the go. Love!

Next up? A few Betsey Johnson items. Believe it or not, I actually picked these up from the arts and crafts store, Michaels. There were these little baskets full of adorable Betsey stuff (for so cheap!) that I could not resist. I ended up picking up a super cute plastic cup and two plastic zippered pouches. The cup is surprisingly sturdy. I have packed it away for now but cannot wait to use it! As for the zippered pouches, they would be perfect to throw makeup into your purse for the day. But I have actually been using them as a little clutch when I go out for something quick. Lightweight, cute, and easy to use. What more do you need?

While I was at Michaels (shopping for wedding stuff. Fun, fun, fun) I also came across these fake flowers. They were buy three get one free which was of course tempting. But what really sealed the deal was the fact that they came in leopard print! I have a serious addiction for all things leopard print, so these basically had to be in my life. I meant to pack them as soon as I got home since I am trying to pack as much up now as I can....but I just couldn't do it. They were too beautiful! I wanted to enjoy them for as long as possible. Right now they are sitting on my dresser and they make me smile every time I look at them.

I have a thing about scents. The right fragrance can totally turn my day around! Which is why I like to spray things around my room every now and again. There is something about a gorgeous scent that just makes you feel good! One my recent favourites comes from Sonia Kashuk. I picked up this little set from Target before it closed down and I am obsessed. Every other day it seems, I spray some of the perfume around my room or wear some of the lotion. It is like an instant mood booster. Floral, pretty, and feminine....I absolutely adore this.

The last on today's new in and new favourites list is of course, shoes. Honestly? I have a lot of shoes. A lot. That is why I have been trying not to buy them unless I am absolutely head over heels in love......and that is how I ended up with three new pairs. The first is a cute pair of flats with lip prints all over them. They were too cute to resist! I think they will be a really fun spring/summer type of shoe. The next was a pair of glittery wedges. These were almost a legitimate purchase, because I only have two pairs of sandals. Which is shocking, really! Lastly was that gorgeous pair of lace-up wedge boots with lace details along the side. I love them. More than love them. We are an item. I have already worn these three or four times. They go with everything and make me feel like a million bucks. Thank goodness for shoes!

The little things are powerful. Just as powerful as big moments and major life events. That is why I am trying to focus on them as they come. And hey - just writing this post made me happy. Score one for the little moments.

xo Shannon


  1. So fun, need that betsy johnson tumbler!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. The Avon items sound great, and I love your shoes!!

  3. those shoes they are stunning

  4. I love those flats with ret lips!

  5. great new-in!

  6. i love the shoes, they r perfect!!!

    Dani Acevedo

  7. Oh very cute shoes darling

  8. Shoes looks unique.I love to wear.

  9. hello dear! I also use the pencil avon!

  10. Useful post, thank you for sharing:)