Thursday, April 16, 2015

a smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor.

Life isn't always easy. Especially when you throw in an unexpected curve ball like a rip, tear, broken zipper, or stain. Sound familiar? These are definitely things I have dealt with before. Like the time I spilled my drink during a birthday dinner. Or when the zipper on my purse got stuck.....on the way to my destination. Those unexpected fashion disasters can be frustrating to deal with. And sometimes downright awful! Which is why I am always looking for handy life hacks to make things easier. Anything from how to deal with fly away hairs to how to speed up my morning routine.

It can be challenging to make the most of every moment - and twice as challenging to be prepared for those unexpected moments. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with even the biggest fashion emergencies. From a missing button to an unsightly stain. All it takes is a little creativity. Oh, and a few expert tips! After checking out this infographic from Paul Fredrick, I was instantly impressed. There were some fantastic life hacks to make those mini-emergencies a thing of the past.

So, on that is the infographic. Take a look and get ready to say goodbye to the pesky dress shirt mishaps.

These are just a few ideas to make your life a little bit simpler. Whether you are dealing with a dilemma at the office or find yourself cursing that super cute button down post-dinner reservation.....these life hacks will be here to help. My personal favourite has to be the ink stain removal tip. I like to write things by hand rather than type absolutely everything. So I am known to deal with those annoying ink stains every now and again. No more! Thank goodness for that.

Have you tried out any of these tips? How do you deal with fashion emergencies?

xo Shannon


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  2. The Vodka trick is a great idea! Thanks for sharing these. I am gonna try a few myself. Also, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

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  3. These are really nice tips, glad I stumbled upon your blog ;)

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  4. This was so useful Shannon! Thanks for sharing! xx

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  6. this is fantastic,great tips dear

  7. I use baby powder to remove oli spots and I love it! Great tips, dear! Thanks for sharing :) Have a great weekend! *

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