Monday, April 6, 2015

home is where our story begins.

Life is moving quickly lately. There are wedding plans, appointments, meetings, to-do lists, and all the rest. For the most part this has been okay. I have been able to fit things in without too much trouble. In the past few weeks, though? Everything has begun to feel overwhelming. It is getting harder and harder to balance every day responsibilities (like working, a social life, etc.) with packing, preparing, dress fittings, invitations, and all of the other essentials.

One thing that was crossed off the to-do list? Finding a place to live. For a while, my fiance and I really wanted a house, town house, or condo. In the end, we decided to go with an apartment. As great as all of the extra space would have been - and as nice as it would have been to have a space that was totally our own - we opted to stay comfortable financially while we establish ourselves in our respective careers.

Despite the fact that an apartment is not what I envisioned....I am really excited. We went to one apartment showing and it was the perfect building but not the perfect place. Then a few days later, a three bedroom (with two bathrooms. Amazing for a makeup addict like myself) came up. It just felt right. The moment I stepped inside, I could see our life there. I could feel that this was home. My fiance told me not to fall in love with a place we didn't have yet. Especially because a bunch of other couples were interested in the apartment. But I had fallen head over heels. And somehow we managed to get the apartment. (I credit this to my fiance calling over and over again. Persistence!)

Today is the big day. Okay, we aren't moving in. In fact, I don't plan on moving into the apartment until after our wedding this July. But today is the day that we get the keys and look around. We haven't seen it since that first showing. So, I am looking forward to getting back in there, poking around, and deciding on things like paint colours and what things will go where. This is the first step in our life together. And that feels really special.

xo Shannon


  1. I love this style so much :)

  2. Oh, congrats for what will come! We say: home is where we are (the couple... together).

  3. Wow, I'm so happy for you Shannon! Congrats on getting the place, it's really amazing to finally find a place that you can both call home :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  4. Congratulations! And good luck :) The photo, I mean the room is actually beautiful though. It's really classy and chic.


  5. Congrats Shannon, I am so happy for you.

  6. Congratulation!! I'm happy for you!!

  7. So happy for you Shannon. Sounds amazing. I can't wait to get my own place someday..hopefully soon! x

  8. Congrats my friend! Happy day! ^^

  9. congratulation for youuuuuuu! ;)

    Check it out my new
    Big Hug.

  10. Congrats, dear. ^^
    New outfit is online...

  11. So many fabulous things happening right now! That's awesome that you found an apartment! And it will be a lovely first home for you guys!! Hang in there and remember to take things one day at a time. xoxo
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings