Sunday, March 18, 2012

there is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us and not we them.

Recently I have added a few new pieces to my wardrobe. One was an impulse buy - a sheer floral blouse I instantly fell in love with. The other two, are pieces from Jason Wu for Target line that I was given as gifts.

The first piece, is the sheer blouse. Lately I have been having a love affair with sheer blouses and floral print. Which is probably why I loved this top so much - it encompasses both of these things!

This is a beautiful black dress from the Jason Wu for Target collection. I love the structured material, the belt, and the volume on the skirt. I can't wait to find an excuse to wear this dress!

Out of everything, this piece is definitely my favourite. I love the colours, the floral print and the way this dress flows. It is just perfect for Spring!

What pieces have you added to your wardrobe lately?


  1. The black dress is very nice!! I just bought a new shirt asimmetric, very cute!!

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  2. That top is so adorable and I'm jealous of your jason wu for target dresses, so cute!

    xo Gillie

  3. I love the yellow belt! :)

    Georgi at 7wonders xx

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  4. I'm dying for both of those dresses- how beautiful! I recently got a 70s looking dress that turned out to be wayyy too short- thinking of pairing it with leggings when it gets cold again:)



  5. Flowery prints are prefect for spring time :) You've bought lovely items!

  6. Very nice items, I esp. like the last dress!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. I love the last dress. The pattern is so pretty. Adorable!

    I really enjoy your blog, love your taste and style
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  8. cute pieces ~ i love vintage pieces so i have added many vintage pieces<3 xoxo

  9. i love your collar blouse and floral dress dear! nice purchases, cant wait to see u wear them ;D <3

  10. Lovely purchases. I actually did an inspirational post on my blog ( I actually also have a banner of on my blog would you mind clicking it for me to win the giveaway sponsorship) it'd mean the world to me so that I could make a giveaway for you my lovely followers!

  11. I have been having a love affair with floral prints too :)

    can't wait enough of them.

  12. I just bought a loose fitting, light fabric, white shirt from Calvin Klein with these little leather buckles holding up the rolled sleeves. I'm absolutely in love with the shirt. haha!

    those are pretty dresses you bought :)


  13. I really like your purchases!
    I love especially your black cuteeee!!
    Have a great day:)
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    Fashion tea at 5

  14. No way!! So jealous you got your hands on some Jason Wu for Target goodness. I love that floral dress! Sad to say I haven't done much shopping lately..

    sorelle in style

  15. Love the floral dress! Unfortunately I'm on a spending hiatus right now... I need a job!!!!

  16. Amazing items dear!

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  17. nice things!!

  18. Lovely clothes!! Especially love the black dress <3

  19. WOWWW that blue dress is amazing!!! i want to see you wearing it!!!! yeah blue comes pretty strong this spring, hanks for your comment!!

  20. I picked up a new classic, tailored black suit -- a necessity, not a want.

    And I got 4 new tops from Old Navy this weekend. Cute and didn't break the bank. Score! :)


  21. great purchases! I recently purchased a pair of pink skinnies....I want more colored skinnies!


  22. Such cute pieces

  23. well put together =)

    love it!

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