Thursday, March 8, 2012

review: hard candy products.

Even though Sephora is my favourite place in the world, there is something to be said for drugstore makeup. The lower cost allows you to get creative and try out new things. As a makeup junkie, I love trying out new makeup products. My makeup collection is varied - a mixture of high end and drug store brands. Sometimes it's great to splurge, and other times, it's fun just to pick something up on a whim.

Over the last little while, I seem to have added a number of Hard Candy products to my collection. Some are fantastic, and others....not so much.

Hard Candy - Take It Off Makeup Removing Wipes:
Let's start with the disappointing products. I picked up these makeup removing wipes recently, because I had run out of the kind I normally get, and these were $4. Complete waste of money. The wipes were really thin, and didn't take off even a quarter of my makeup. I wouldn't recommend these at all.

Hard Candy - Glow All The Way in Tropical Tan and Doll Face

I was really impressed by both of these products! As you can see from the swatch above, Tropical Tan comes out very dark. As you blend it into the skin however, it looks natural and glowy! Great for adding a little bit of colour on the face or body. The other Glow All The Way product in Doll Face is a really pretty, pink tinted highlight. It is perfect for a dramatic, nighttime look!

Hard Candy - Hide & Cheek in In Love
This double ended product is a cream cheek tint. While both colours look different in the packaging, they look the same on the cheek. This doesn't provide a lot of colour, but is a fantastic base for blush. If you're looking to this product to add colour, you'll be disappointed. However, it really is a fantastic base for a powder blush!

Hard Candy - Fox In a Box in Smooth Talker and Hot Flash

I love these blushes. I have an extensive blush collection - I cannot get enough blush! What I love about the Fox In a Box blushes, are that they are very pigmented. A little goes a long way! They add a lot of glow to the cheeks and the colours are bold. Smooth Talker is a nice bronzy peach colour, while Hot Flash is a bold, in your face bright pink. As great as the blush is, the small brushes that it come with are completely useless, obviously. I would recommend using a fluffy blush brush instead.

Have you tried anything by Hard Candy? What are your thoughts?


  1. Nice products! Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you, hope you have a great day and happy blogging!

  2. i've never used any hard candy products but i should check it out i love blush it's like my favorite make up product besides mascara!

  3. I've never used Hard Candy products but I may have to pick up a blush or two :)

  4. Awesome looks like quality stuff!

  5. I'm so glad you did this review. I actually haven't used hard candy but i see it a lot. I might try it now!


  6. Ooo I haven't yet, but I need to. Thanks for sharing. I'd love if you'd check out my interview with Perez Hilton. xo

  7. No. I haven't tried yet. I would like to do it!

  8. The Tropical Tan would be perfect for me. I love a dark shimmer for my cheekbones to give my face that summery "I actually went out in the sun this year....honest" look haha xx

  9. Never tried their products but I love how the Tropical tan shadow glows on your skin! :) Definitely want to try this one!

  10. I would kill for your collection!!
    xo Annie

  11. I never tried these products but they look so special...thanks for sharing that!

  12. Thanks for this post! I love trying out new makeup.

    Stay beautiful! xo, H

  13. very very cute! love it! xx

  14. Hi lovely,
    how are you?
    Thank for sharing.
    I haven't tried yet it!
    Have a great weekend
    Fashion tea at 5

  15. You are speaking the truth. I spend so much at Sephora but I know drugstores have great products at even better prices.

  16. I love Sephora products, they're so amazing! I love your post!

  17. The Glow All the Way sounds really nice. Great review!

  18. so many great products!! I haven't tried Hard Candy before...but definitely liking that blush!


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  21. Thank you Shannon, glad you liked the vintage postcard! Don't you receive flowers on women's day??

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  22. great review dear! the products seem amazinggg.. i want to buy it if it is available here in my country ;D <3

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience
    with this product. HOnestly, I haven't heard about
    this product yet, will be scouting for it.

    Wish you a lovely weekend.

  24. I have never tried anything by Hard Candy, but I could totally live in a Sephora. Seriously.
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