Friday, December 9, 2011

30 day beauty challenge: day 4

Day four already! This challenge has really been keeping me posting, that is for sure. Despite the hectic holiday season, I've actually had more time to blog lately. Since my internship is over, I've given myself December to catch up on all of the things I hadn't had time for. Like reading books, organizing my room, and catching up on some TV shows. Onto today's challenge: My Favourite Foundation.

I am constantly on the search for the perfect foundation. I have tried many different kinds over the years, and none have been exactly what I am looking for. After the holidays, I am going to splurge on a MAC foundation.

As for right now, the best foundation I have ever used is Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation. What I love about this foundation is that it is a a nice full coverage and is long lasting. Definitely what I look for in a foundation! What I don't love about this foundation is that the lightest shade is still a few shades too dark for me (gosh, I'm pale!). I would recommend this foundation, however - it lasts all day long!

What foundation are you loving?


  1. Ooh really interesting read, I'm using up a Revlon one at the moment that I'm not keen on so will definitely try this one when it's done :)

  2. That use to be one of my favorites but now I either use BB cream (Missha m perfect cover) or L'Oreal True Match. BB creams come in super pale shades and they have healing/anti-blemish/ anti-wrinkle properties in their formula so I love them.

  3. Wow nice review! I'm still searching for the best foundation for my skin... might try that if I spot it one day :D

  4. You blog is amazing, really inspiring!
    I love the images you post and will definitely
    have to go back through your older posts now :)

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  5. I love this foundation! Its my favorite drug store foundation. It covers everything but still feels light

  6. nice blog :)

  7. Like you, i am constantly searching for the right one too. I will need to have even more for cover up though because I started getting itchy rashes and im getting alot of darkened spots on my body. So if you have any suggestions for that part, im not good at make-up at all. ♥
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  8. I love, love, love learning about new beauty products! Definitely putting this one on my list! :)

  9. You have me wanting to give liquid foundation a try again...It's a bit heavy for me, so I use mineral cream foundation..but for winter I could use the extra coverage, perhaps I'll try this one.
    xo Annie

  10. I like so much the foundation of Maybelline~~
    I want use this too looks nice~~

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  11. I love seventeen and L'oreal foundation (the liquid one)

  12. I am using bare minerals and so far I like it, because the shade matches perfectly with my skin.

  13. long lasting is what i look for in a foundation! i'll have to try this! i'm a mac foundation addict but i'm so poor at the moment and i'm running low :( xxxx

  14. I'm not liking any of the foundations I'm using too much right now, but I think I'll be picking this up in the near future to check it out!

  15. I´m also searching for the right one. At the moment I´m loving L├ôreal True Match foundation.

  16. that's perfect..the right amount of coverage...and long lasting??!! just what a girl needs!

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