Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.

As much as I love Jersey Shore, I was not a fan of Deena Cortese's rainbow coloured VMA dress. Instead of being fun, it came across as quite tacky. (Though that may have more to do with combination of the hair, makeup and dress....or the fact that it is Deena.) Despite this, it really inspired me! I have become really interested in rainbow colours. With summer coming to a close, I am clinging to the every vibrant colour I can!

These are some of the photographs that have been inspiring me lately - especially the makeup ones! They are all so beautiful.

On another note, I wrote an article on the clothing line Artisan de Luxe which you can read here if you wish!

What do you think of these photos, and what has been inspiring you lately?


  1. I really don't like that dress either, it looks fairly tacky and doesn't complement her figure at all. . . bless her!
    I am loving all the other photos though, colour really draws me in and I find it says so much more about your personality on the colour palate you choose to wear. Right now I'm reading Gok's autobiography and that is what is inspiring me at the moment. Reading about the years he was bullied and how he has made such a name for himself is really inspiring and makes me want to do the same.
    Thank you for your continual comments on my blog, they are lovely to read, so please keep them coming. I love your blog, keep at it :)

  2. great photos love the rainbow inspirations love the second to last one i think that's kayla from america's next top model! thanks for the comment!


  3. Thanks for stopping by earlier! Love the multi color pom pom picture I use to have it as a screen saver!

  4. haha the first dress is not very flattering but love the other photos!

    thanks for droping by my blog!


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  5. Wow there's some beautiful pics with the rainbow effects. I'm in love with the 2nd and 4th pics xx

  6. PS - I just read the article and I love it (just like all your other articles!) But the link isn't working on the site. Looks like Artisan was spelt wrong in the link.

  7. I love that dress but I don't like her :D
    It would be so much prettier on someone else :)

  8. The last one :D
    Yes, but I think it's difficult to create an outfit with all the rainbow colors !


  9. The dress looks ok, but not on her! I like all the photos in this post. They are inspiring!


  10. You ar right, that dress looks super-tacky. Probably because it is all sequins, way too short, and maybe also too tight...
    But I love the other pictures you found, so wonderful, and absolutely NOT tacky!

  11. I loved these colorful pictures with colors, I'm following you.

  12. Wow these pictures are so beautiful! Yep the rainbow dress which I find awesome btw doesn't go along with her body :P


  13. I saw her last night at E news ! either I wich I'm a fan of the show too, don't like the dress and how fits her :(

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  14. haha they featured's Deena's dress on Fashion Police. I agree, while there are so many rainbow featured outfits out there that are GORGEOUS, she definitely made it look as though a bottle of confetti blew up and stuck onto her... Maybe it also is because of her hair.. WAY to much color contrasts :X

    However, I'm loving all the rainbow colors in the other pictures you posted!


  15. Beautiful! The rainbow is actually going to be theme of my daughter's second birthday next month - it was all her idea, too!



  16. you're right, it does look a bit tacky, but the hair doesn't help! haha.

    i love the rainbow hair that gets around on tumblr... it's beautiful! it would be so hard to get right and maintain though. x

  17. So glad to meet another make-up lover! You are fashionable too! following both of your blogs! hope you'll check mine out!