Wednesday, March 25, 2020

hard candy week: marilyn monroe collection

Marilyn Monroe is an icon. Her legacy inspires millions around the globe. Known for her classic film roles, her breathy voice, and of course, her beauty, Marilyn will never be forgotten. Case in point? The recent collection release from Hard Candy. With a wide array of products in the line (everything from eyeliner to skin care products) Marilyn's icon status lives on. The Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe collection immediately caught my attention. For starters, it was totally unexpected. Hard Candy has released a wide array of beauty products over the years but the last thing I ever imagined was a full line inspired by - and featuring - this classic beauty icon. Collections like this are usually saved for higher end brands at Sephora or MAC. It was refreshing and downright exciting to see something similar available for a reasonable price. 

Since this week is all about Hard Candy here at the creation of beauty is art. it only made sense to spend some time focusing on this thrilling new collection. (To see the full range of products, be sure to check out the Marilyn Monroe Collection over at the Hard Candy website. The tag line is "Secrets of a Beauty Icon." The best part? There are nine items in total with a variety of shades to choose from for many products, including the lip products and liners.) I'll be doing mini reviews of each product and putting several of them to good use in a finished Marilyn inspired makeup look.

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (Long Wearing + Lash Boosting Serum)

The first item is a Glitter Liquid Eyeliner which claims to be both long wearing and has a lash boosting serum. This product was available in three different shades (black, blue, and a glittering rose gold). Out of three I decided to add the latter, Sparkling Roses, to my shopping cart. It came in a fabulous Marilyn printed bottle with a pointed rose gold top. In terms of packaging...this item is a winner. The shape of the eyeliner bottle paired with that Marilyn picture and signature instantly gave this item a high end feel. As for the product itself? It is okay. I can't speak to how the other shades perform but this particular one is quite light. It simply does not create enough contrast to be worn alone. It is loaded with glitter and is quite pretty paired with a traditional liner. However, the fact that it needs to be paired with another product to have any sort of impact detracts from the overall experience. However, in terms of staying power? This stuff seriously stays put. 

Tinted Lip Balm in Coconut Rose and Strawberry

For a while, I debated over which colour to add to my makeup collection. Strawberry? Coconut Rose? It was a real struggle. Ultimately (as you can tell from the picture above), I opted to give both shades a try. After all, tinted lip balms are totally up my alley. I love comfortable lip wear that adds a splash of colour without needing to be touched up or babysat. These particular balms come in shades of red and rose. The lipstick tubes are made of a sturdy cardboard, very much like the Sephora #lipstories line. Plus they have the wonderful Marilyn inspired packaging seen on everything in the line. These are described as being conditioning and smoothing lip products. Thankfully, they are just as described. These feel really comfortable and add a nice amount of hydration to the lips. They also smell really lovely! In terms of the colour payoff, don't get your hopes up. These have a really subtle wash of colour. You aren't getting much with either the rose or the red shade. 

Rose Drench Toner + Refresher

Now for a little skin care. The Rose Drench Refreshing Spray has hyaluronic acid and rosewater - and is designed to prep and refresh the skin. Like the other products from this line, it is all Marilyn inspired. You have that pink cap, the roses on the bottle, and the Marilyn photo as well. While this product does a good job of keeping your skin feeling fresh and does have a really strong scent. Personally, I enjoy the fragrance as it is rose. If you are someone that does not like strong smells or the smell of rose in general, this is something you will want to skip. It isn't subtle and it lingers long after application of the product. So far I am really enjoying having this on hand. 

Luminizing Body Powder + Rosehip Oil 

Now for something that seems oh-so-Marilyn. The Luminizing Body Powder is meant to be applied to "shoulders, legs, and any areas you want to get noticed." Essentially this is a gorgeous and glittering body powder that adds a stunning amount of sparkle and shine. It has a golden finish but once blended into the skin, looks quite natural. The glitter is just beautiful and hits the light perfectly. However, it isn't too dramatic. This Luminizing Body Powder is soft, shimmery, and the perfect addition to a night out look. A little on the collarbone or the shoulders would be a wonderful way to add that extra oomph to your outfit. This could also be used as a cheek highlight if you are careful about the application process. All in all, this is probably my favourite item from the Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe collection. 

Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum

The last item that I will be talking about today is the Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum. This claims to brighten your skin and leave you with a radiant complexion. Out of everything, this is probably the most unexpected item from the line. Mostly because Hard Candy doesn't typically release proper skin care items. (Though they do have a line of bath products and fragrances.) They tend to focus fairly exclusively on makeup in the beauty aisle at least. That made it extra exciting to give this serum a try. Like the name suggests, it smells of strawberries. For me, this is a wonderful thing because I adore anything that smells of strawberries. If you aren't partial to that scent, give this a pass. Otherwise, it is a really lovely product so far. It definitely gives your skin that boost. Given the weather lately, that has been very much appreciated! Something that really impresses me with this product? The packaging. Yes, it looks wonderful but the product comes in a glass bottle and there is a dropper inside for easy application. Those little details are often overlooked at the drugstore. It added a real element of luxury. 

Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe Collection (Makeup Look)

The makeup look above is definitely super simple but I did my best to put all of the products to good use. I used the eyeliner as more of a liquid eyeshadow (because the colour just didn't do enough on my skin tone to actually work as a liner), added the luminizer on top of the cheeks as a highlight, and then wore the Strawberry tinted lip balm to finish it all off. A simple and polished makeup look that is perfect to run a quick errand or give yourself a little confidence boost.

While not all of the products performed as I hoped, most of them are solid releases. The packaging is beautiful, the themeing is great, and there are some real standouts to use and enjoy. All in all, it has been a lot of fun to test and try the Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe collection. 

Have you tried any of these items? Are you a fan of Hard Candy?