Thursday, December 19, 2019

12 days of Christmas (Winterlicious Questions) - Day 6

Life has definitely been busy lately. There are all sorts of seasonal activities keeping me busy. From
dinners with friends to movie marathons with the family and shopping trips with my husband....there just isn't a dull moment these days! Here is hoping your days are equally as full, but in the best possible way. In case you missed my first post, check out the Winterlicious Questions that I will be answering every day until the 25th of December. For Day Six in this countdown to Christmas, the focus is on holiday beverages.

Favourite Winter Beverage

This has become a tradition that my husband and I share. Every year around the holidays, we do a couple of things together: visit the mall and drive around to see the Christmas lights. On both of those occasions, we enjoy a white hot chocolate from Second Cup. This is without a doubt my favourite holiday or winter beverage. Not only does it taste amazing...but the fact that it is linked to my favourite person and some of the special things we do to celebrate the holidays? It makes the beverage that much sweeter. Holiday foods are always so special because they remind us of Christmases past - and link us to the people we love most.

What is your favourite winter beverage? Do you like white hot chocolate?


  1. I like white chocolate! ... and black chocolate as well))) So nice post. Thank you very much for visit to my blog. Have a nice day, Victoria

  2. That looks SOOO good, I love a white chocolate Mocha from Starbucks :)
    xo Annie

  3. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing )

  4. I am lactose intolerant so feel I am missing out on so many Festive Drinks :-(

    I usually drink the Green Tea with Gingerbread, not sure if you have such a thing over there? This One :

    Do you have them over there? Had it for the past 3 Christmases now!

    1. My brother is too so he looks for lactose free options. There aren't many but it's definitely worth the search! Ooh I hadn't heard of that but I absolutely want to try this! I need to find it!

    2. No there aren't that many over here too! Just normal lattes, flat whites or cappuccinos with soya, almond or coconut milk. Feel I am missing out on all these fancy hot chocolates! Did you know that Tim Hortons is really big in Scotland - my boyfriend likes their hot chocolates and all I can have is a black coffee! But love black coffee anyway :-D

      How long has your brother known he was lactose intolerant? I found out 2001.

    3. Oh I had no idea there were Tim Hortons in Scotland! That is so cool! I have seen them a few times in the USA and it always surprises me because it's such a popular Canadian chain. He found out when we were quite young. Probably about nine or ten. So he's been dealing with it for a long while. Was the adjustment difficult for you?

    4. Yeah we have a lot and they are building more and more!!! He will be used to it by now!

      Not really as I didn't take milk a lot anyway. It is just a pain, if I see something I fancy and it contains milk! I am like ugg no way :-|