Sunday, December 9, 2018

why i love obscure christmas specials (and my top five)

Some people watch Rudolph or Frosty and call it a day. As for me? I am Christmas special obsessed. From poplar holiday movies to beloved television classics to the completely obscure and forgotten....I love them all. Today's post is dedicated to those not-so-commonly discussed movies and specials. That includes why I love them in general as well as a few standouts to consider on your next night in.

Why I Love Obscure Christmas Specials

Before I get into a list of some of my favourites, you may be wondering why. Why not just stick to the classics? Why go searching for random holiday specials that are old, dated, or had a limited budget? Because you never know what you may find! Every now and again, I'll stumble upon a forgotten Christmas special that warms my heart and reminds me of the beauty this season brings. Something old and dated can quickly become an integral part of your holiday celebration. I love that! It's almost like searching for buried treasure. Though most of the time, you don't find anything mind blowing....every once and a while you hit the jackpot.

My Favourite Obscure (or Lesser Known) Holiday Specials

Okay, here goes. Time to dig into a few of my favourites. This list is in no particular order and I am certain that I have left out a few important ones, but for now......

Noel Noel

The first on the list is Noel Noel, an animated Christmas special that used to air each year on TV. Then suddenly, it just stopped being played. I remember being so upset, as I desperately searched for it, only to find nothing. Then, a couple of years ago, I found a DVD copy at the dollar store of all places. It felt like I had struck gold! All of the memories flooded back to me and I have watched the special at least a hundred times since then. It is a story about a toy maker who falls in love and tries to win her affection through power and money. Of course, all goes awry and Noel Noel learns a valuable lesson. You can actually watch this one on YouTube maybe it won't be obscure for much longer. 

The Christmas Orange

This next special was so hard to find, it took me ages to even remember the name. I had only the vaguest memories of this cartoon and then one day, it popped into my head. The Christmas Orange is a story about a boy who shares his birthday with Christmas and becomes greedy as a result of feeling ripped off of two celebrations per year. In an unexpected twist, he winds up suing Santa Claus. I've tried to purchase this before but cannot find a copy. Thankfully, I was able to find a version posted online. This special has a unique animation style and tackles the topic of gratitude vs. greed quite well. 

The Tradition of the Christmas Log

Talk about obscure! The Tradition of the Christmas Log is an animated special that I used to love watching. Though I have a couple of other "traditions" specials on all-time favourite alludes me. I cannot find it to purchase or watch online. Sigh! I guess that thirty second clip above will have to do for now. This story is a fictional account of how the traditional yule log dessert came to be. It includes cute little mice and of course, a bakery. It made me smile and had songs as well. Oh, how I wish I could watch it again.

An Angel for Christmas 

Sometimes, you find the best things at the dollar store. That is what happened when I picked up a random DVD set with holiday cartoons. Some on there were decent, others not so much, but An Angel for Christmas has become one of my all-time favourites. This is a story about a town that does not celebrate Christmas....until an Angel visits the town to bring back Christmas cheer. It is heart warming, has catchy songs, and makes me smile. Sadly, I could only find this special online in another language but there is a trailer that you can enjoy in the meantime.

A Fairy Tale Christmas

Who doesn't love a fairy tale story? Especially one that is themed around Christmas! I found A Fairy Tale Christmas in a five dollar movie bin and decided to give it a whirl. Though the animation is not that great....this is a great little movie. The songs are beautiful, the princess is lovable, and the story is sure to make you smile. If you have little ones (or you are young at heart), be sure to check out this obscure holiday special.

Honourable Mentions

There you have it! Just a few of my favourite obscure Christmas specials. I am sure there will be another post like this in the coming years.....but for now I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know if you have seen any of these, if you plan to watch any, and any obscure Christmas specials that you enjoy.