Thursday, December 13, 2018

seasonal favourites for 2018

Somehow, the month of December always seems to move at lightning speed. It feels as though I waited ages for December to arrive and is all going by too quickly. Anyone else feel the same? I wish I could slow down this time of year. That way, I could sit back and appreciate all of the little moments that make the Christmas season special. Confession: that is sort of the goal with my post today. I wanted to share some of my seasonal favourites for the year. That way, I can take time to reflect on some of the things that have been making me smile so far. Here you will find lots and lots of favourites, from movies to music to food and more.

Seasonal Favourites: Movies

  • The Christmas Gift with John Denver. It probably isn't surprising to anyone that has been reading my blog for a while that this movie is on my list. Not only have I posted about John Denver many times....but this movie made my list of favourites last year. The Christmas Gift is a heartwarming tale with lessons about love, doing what is right, environmentalism, and more. Plus, there is John Denver singing, which is always a must.
  • Netflix Holiday Movies. Let me just say, Netflix has really been stepping it up this year. Their Christmas movies have for the most part, been wonderful. Last year I watched A Christmas Prince more times than I care to admit. This year, the same can be true of the sequel as well as The Princess Switch. Both are amazing and make me ridiculously happy. 
  • Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies. You don't even know how much I wish the Hallmark Channel aired in Canada. Though I have been doing my best to watch as many of their Christmas movies as possible...there are always a ton that I miss out on. Favourites this year include A Shoe Addict's Christmas (because my obsession with Candace Cameron Bure is real) and an older Hallmark movie, Trading Christmas. 
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol. I think this Muppet movie will always be on my list of favourites. I have always been a huge fan of the Muppets and this movie is just one of the reasons. It is my favourite re-telling of A Christmas Carol and the VHS copy actually has an extra song from the DVD release. And it is my favourite! Not to can watch "The Love Is Gone" on YouTube if you've been missing out. 
  • Night Before Christmas/The Christmas Elves. This is a double feature DVD, so I have an excuse to include two movies here! The first, Night Before Christmas, has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. I have a VHS copy that I have watched thousands of times. When it started to wear out, I looked online and found this double feature. It also included another old-school favourite, The Christmas Elves. Both cartoons have amazing songs and lots of heart. These are absolute must-watches. 

Seasonal Favourites: Music

  • David Archuleta (Winter in the Air + Christmas From the Heart). There are some holiday albums that I listen to over and over again. Christmas From the Heart is one of those albums. It has been making me feel extra festive this year! David Archuleta's latest Christmas album, Winter in the Air, is loaded with beautiful ballads and moving seasonal pieces.
  • Hanson (Finally It's Christmas). Of course Hanson had to be on this list! Last year, I did a bit of a review on both of their holiday records (which you can read here) but this year, I have to admit that Finally It's Christmas has been playing constantly. Everything about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Bing Crosby (Christmas Compilation). When it comes to holiday music....few do it better than Bing Crosby. I have several compilation CDs from him and listen to them throughout the season. My all-time favourite song? "That Christmas Feeling" because it perfectly encompasses what I love most about this time of year.
  • Plus One (Christmas). Plus One was a boyband many years ago that a friend introduced me to. I've listened to their CDs for years but the Christmas one is definitely a favourite. Each and every year, I love to listen to the song, "This is Christmas," and that is especially true this year. It has been on repeat for the last several weeks.
  • Glee (The Christmas Album). Oh, how I love the music from Glee. Particularly around the holiday season. Their Christmas covers are always so much fun! One of the reasons this album is on my list, is the song, "We Need a Little Christmas." I'll confess: this is a song I listen to throughout the year. Anytime I am feeling low or need a little dose of that holiday cheer. It always makes me smile. 

Seasonal Favourites: Other 

  • Home Decor Pieces. There are lots of home items that have been making me smile this season. That includes a penguin candle holder from Bath and Bodyworks, festive Kleenex boxes, the light up Christmas village in my living room, and a light up Winter Wonderland sign.
  • Tasty Holiday Treats. This is my favourite time of year when it comes to food and drinks. So far, I have been obsessing over the Lindor Gingerbread chocolates, shortbread cookies, cherry flavoured candy canes, and white hot chocolate. 
  • Food Network Baking Shows. Talk about a total obsession! I am loving the baking shows on the Food Network lately. Things like the Holiday Baking Championship, Christmas Cookie Countdown, and Gingerbread Showdown have been so fun to watch. I love seeing how creative people get with their seasonal creations. 
  • Sequin Elf Slippers. I have a bit of a tradition. Each and every year, I wear these giant fluffy red elf slippers. Though I still have a couple of pairs that I've been wearing at my parents, there is an ultra fabulous pair of elf slippers. It is made up of red and green sequins and has bells all around. That means everyone can hear me when I walk around the house.
Another favourite of mine is definitely the Too Faced Dream Queen Eyeshadow palette from their latest holiday set. The colours are fabulous! Take a look at the palette in action with my 2 Looks 1 Palette YouTube video....

These are just a few of the seasonal favourites that have made this holiday special so far. It always amazes me how all of those little things (like chocolates and holiday specials) add up to create a celebration that is memorable for all the right reasons. 

Do you have any seasonal favourites? Share them in the comment section below!