Saturday, September 22, 2018

forgiveness is the smell that lavender gives out when you tread on it.

Inspiration is always beautiful. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and other times, it is a constant source of motivation and enchantment. Lately, my inspiration has been coming from lavender. The colour is so soothing and beautiful to look at - and the scent fills me with joy. This particular inspiration is strange because I have never been all that interested in lavender. Sure, I love the colour, but the actual scent? Not so much. This is likely because my mom is allergic to the smell of lavender. For whatever reason, it always seems to cause her to react. So I never had anything with lavender in it. Until now. I found a lavender scented pillow spray and fell in love with the fragrance. Since then, it has been all lavender all the time. Which is why today's post is a good old-fashioned inspiration post.

Are you feeling inspired yet? I have been using this particular source of inspiration when it comes to my outfit choices, my current nail polish colour, my eyeshadow choices, and even the scents that I incorporate into my everyday products. There is something special about being swept up by inspiration...and I am loving every minute of it.

Is there anything inspiring you lately? Do you love lavender?