Tuesday, April 24, 2018

what falling asleep in makeup does to your skin

My worst beauty habit? Falling asleep in my makeup. Forgetting (or being too tired, lazy, or unmotivated) to remove makeup before bedtime is one of the most common beauty blunders there is. Realistically, it will happen to all of us at one point or another. Maybe you had a crazy long day at the office and you want nothing more than to plop down onto your warm, comfy bed. Or maybe you went out with friends and the evening ran crazy long. There is always a reason to skip this step. Trust me – I have come up with more than a few excuses of my own! However, falling asleep in your makeup can affect the health and overall appearance of your skin. So, what does it actually do?

It Can Cause Breakouts and Skin Irritation

One of the best reasons to wash your face before bed? Sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts, breakouts, and more breakouts. Wearing foundation, powder, concealer and all the rest may be great during the day. At night, not so much. Those products can clog pores and make it difficult for your skin to breathe. That in turn can lead to frustrating skin issues like pimples and blackheads, along with redness, skin irritation, and a complexion that looks dull and lifeless.

It Can Lead to Wrinkles and Early Aging

Many of us start to incorporate anti-aging products into our skincare routines once we hit our mid-twenties. We continue to use those products as we get older as a way to combat signs of aging skin, but sleeping in your makeup can negate all of that hard work. Failing to remove makeup before bed has been found to cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear prematurely. 

Simple Solutions to Try

  • Keep makeup removing wipes on your bedside table. That way, even if you are literally in bed,  you can still remove most of your makeup. It may not be as thorough as washing, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face – but it is better than nothing!
  • Set up a reward system. Say for instance that you remember to take your makeup off before bed for an entire month. Treat yourself to a new lipstick or a mascara you have been dying to try. After a few months, the habit will start to form and you won't need that reward system anymore. 

There is no doubt about it: sleeping in your makeup is bad for your skin. To keep your complexion looking radiant, don’t ignore this beauty must. Before long, you will start to see the difference a few extra minutes can make.

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Do you fall asleep with makeup on? What bad beauty habits do you have?


  1. Very good!! The biggest cause of skin imperfections is not to remove make-up.
    I always remove make-up on my face.
    Excellent publication, congratulations!


    1. You are so right about that! It is wonderful that you are so diligent about taking your makeup off at night. That is something that I am always working on!

  2. Wonderful post my dear :)
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  3. sensational post! really, very useful viewer :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  4. Thank God I never sleep with my make up on, I always remove it no matter how tired I am. Thanks for sharing this info. ❤️


    1. That is amazing! You are definitely a rock star for taking your makeup off each night.

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  6. Very helpful post! I never go to sleep with my makeup on. Even when I am really tired, I have to take it off. :D

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  7. Oh dear in the past I was used to forget to clean before sleep but now that I have read this so helpful post of yours I am more convinced to do not back in same mistakes! :)
    My Fashion on the Clouds Blog

    PS. I am waiting to read your new posts :)

    1. Oh gosh, me too! I always have to force myself to remove my makeup at night! So glad this was helpful to you <3