Tuesday, April 10, 2018

life is about creating yourself.

It amazes me how incredible life can be. Even when things seem out of sorts....there is something to be gained from each and every experience. The things that happen in our lives present us with opportunities to learn, grow, and form a deeper connection to self. Which is why it is important to reflect on both the positive and not-so-positive moments. Today? I wanted put my energy into some of those positive moments. So, here are a few of highlights from my life lately.

90s Bar Crawl 

What is it about the 90s? That decade instantly brings us back to the good old days with one swift kick of nostalgia. That fact alone made a 90s themed bar crawl an unmissable event. After finding out about the event on Facebook, a friend invited me to get glam and head downtown with her. I opted for crimped hair, butterfly clips, a 90210 shirt, plaid, and ripped jeans. (The ultimate 90s ensemble, in my opinion!) We had a lot of fun at the event, especially when it came to seeing all of the costumes. There was someone dressed up like Bob Ross, Zack Morris, and even a Tamagotchi. It was pretty excellent....and honestly, I was into the crimped hair!

Movie Night 

Spending time with people you care about always feels good. Especially when two very different schedules finally match up! Recently, a friend and I went to see Love, Simon and do a bit of discount shopping. Just because. Not only was it amazing to chat and catch up...the movie was phenomenal. I absolutely loved the characters and really enjoyed the easy to digest take this film took on such a serious and personal topic. When it came to getting ready, I felt like doing some casual glam. So I chose some winged liner, a warm red eyeshadow look (using a new Hard Candy eyeshadow palette), and my favourite knitted top. 

Easter Celebrations
Holidays are a really important part of my life. Growing up, my mom really went the extra mile to make sure they felt special....and she still does today. Even though us kids are all adults, we still get an Easter basket filled with goodies, spend the day baking, eating chocolate, and watching Willy Wonka. And that is exactly what we did this year! It was so much fun. I love that the entire family gets the chance to hang out and act like a bunch of overgrown kids on Easter. 

There is something wonderful about pausing, reflecting, and remembering how wonderful life can be. Though it's unlikely that every single day will be filled with adventures and old friends....each experience is special in its own way. 

What have you been up to lately? 


  1. Estupendo post,como siempre!!Espero verte pronto por mi blog!!!saludos!!!❤💛💙

  2. I've been dying to see Love Simon. Glad it didn't disappoint (not that I thought it would)


  3. Hey, such a great post!


  4. Hi dear! Beautiful this makeup you've made!

  5. Great pics, I love the makeup look ^^


  6. great post


  7. I agree. Recently, I've been trying to be more positive and instead of focusing on all the cons in my personality, I set my attention on correcting and improving my cons to the point where they turn to pros.😊

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Same! I think being aware of negativity and making a conscious decision to make changes in your life can be such a wonderful thing. Positivity is so important!

  8. Trying to stay positive here also. Life is really amazing and we SHOULD try to focuse more on the happy moments. :)

    Não Me Mande Flores

    1. Absolutely! Taking time to really appreciate those great moments is super important.