Monday, April 16, 2018

review: michael kors very hollywood perfume

There is one quote that always stands out in my mind: a woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. It is so true. The fragrance you choose to wear at any given time can indicate how you feel and who you are. This may vary from day to day - and you might reach for a sweet floral scent one morning and a sultry musky scent the next. It all depends on your mood. See, the perfumes in your collection do more than smell good...they are opportunities to highlight your personality.

With that in mind, an awful lot of thought goes into my daily spritz of perfume. Often, I will smell five or six different fragrances before making that final decision. It needs to feel right. To express something about myself. To fit into my day. Or night! Though there are many bottles sitting on my jam-packed perfume shelf (which you can check out here), one has been standing out to me lately. It is Very Hollywood by Michael Kors. In the past, I have tried various samples of Michael Kors perfumes, and they are all phenomenal. Despite being a fan of the other scents in his line, this is the first to make its way into my collection.

Something I love? This definitely makes a statement. The packaging is gorgeous (I admit, I have a weakness for that pink-salmon colour that covers the box and lid) and the bottle itself is stunning. Though the shape of the bottle is fairly standard, it is covered with a small diamond inspired pattern throughout, and the colour of the perfume is a soft pink. Those little details adds just the right amount of elegance.

The scent itself is fresh, floral, and warm. It is the ideal choice for an adventure on a sunny spring day or a dinner date on a breezy summer evening. This has glamour and sophistication but is also effortlessly fun and flirty. Though many fragrances have tried to achieve cannot always be done successfully. Thankfully, this delicate balance is something Very Hollywood juggles well. And now that spring is finally here, this perfume has been a must-have in my collection.

For me, perfume is an everyday accessory. I love that it is able to highlight who I am and how I feel. Lately? I have been feeling poised, polished, and eager to embrace the beauty of a new season. That makes Very Hollywood an absolute standout!

Have you tried this? Do you like Michael Kors perfumes?


  1. i've never tried a michael kors perfume but i think the packaging looks nice! :) anyway, just dropping by to say hello all the way from southeast asia! i hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like. have a nice day! :)

    xoxo, rae


  2. I love the post:)
    Have a nice day, dear!