Wednesday, August 17, 2016

YouTube: Niagara Falls Outlet Haul

Niagara Falls. It is a place I did not expect to be more than once this summer. You might remember my post from a little while back about my time there. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here. It was a wonderful experience full of music, sightseeing, and shopping. (I will discuss the latter a little later on in this post!) The last thing I anticipated? Heading back to Niagara Falls again this summer. But it seems that circumstances are drawing me back to the magic and mist.

When I was in high school....a long long time ago...there was a band that I absolutely loved. And still do! They were called Wave and they were fantastic. I remember my Dad taking me to see them over and over again. We saw them at malls, at TV show tapings, concert venues, and everywhere in between. So when they announced their one-off reunion show in Niagara Falls? I simply had to be there. The moment I found out, I called my Dad in a panic and begged him to take me.

It was back to Niagara Falls for me. That is actually how I spent this past weekend. (There will definitely be a post about that experience later on this week. Look out for it!) Since Niagara Falls is on my mind lately....I decided to film a special video for my YouTube channel. It is a haul of the items I picked up during my last visit. My husband and I went to two different outlet malls. Which is always a dangerous thing to do as a shopaholic. We went to a lot of great stores, like Guess, Bath & Bodyworks, and Hot Topic. To name a few!

Want to see what came home with me? And to check out the special souvenir we made? Then be sure to watch my latest video on the creation of beauty is art. 

Shopping is always a lot of fun. So is travelling. If only every day could be full of both!

What did you think of this haul? Have you travelled recently?

xo Shannon


  1. Those hands= awesome!:D Great haul in general.
    We just missed each other. We were there last week after our trip to Great Wolf Lodge:)

  2. Great video, your makeup looks so good!

  3. Vídeo maravilhoso amei, bom final de semana, obrigado pela visita.