Tuesday, August 30, 2016

i'll never tell, tell on myself, but i hope she smells my perfume.

Currently? I am in a Britney state of mind. Her latest album, Glory, dropped last week, and it has been blowing my mind ever since. The more I listen to it...the more I love it. There are so many fantastic tracks. My personal favourites are Man On The Moon, Just Luv Me, Liar, and Just Like Me. Each one is so good. Yes, Britney Spears really knocked it out of the park. It's not just her music that is making me happy these days. Her perfume line also gives me joy. Especially Rocker Femme Fantasy. This is just one of the many fragrances in her collection (and one of the thirteen Fantasy themed fragrances she has released over the years).

My perfume collection is pretty extensive. While I do not own every single Britney Spears perfume....I have quite a few. As many as I can get my  hands on! So when I came across Rocker Femme Fantasy, there was no doubt about it. I needed to have this on my perfume shelf. Turns out? This has become one of my all-time favourite Britney fragrances. To begin with, I absolutely love the bottle. The pink and black colors, the black studs, and that electric pink cap give this bottle a distinct look. It effortlessly blends femininity with a harder edge. It looks fantastic.

As for the scent itself? It is equally amazing. Rocker Femme Fantasy has a bright, energetic smell, with sweet undertones. Everything about it is girly and fun. To me? This is a classic daytime fragrance. You can wear it to the mall, on a lunch date, or throw it in your purse for work. It has this lovely sweetness that isn't overwhelming - and a warmth that makes it feel elegant. This is a perfume that is versatile, pretty, and feminine. And with an affordable price tag (the 100ml bottle cost me $20) it is something you can wear day-to-day.

Perfume is a pretty important part of my life. It inspires me, it makes me happy, and it effortlessly expresses how I feel on any given day. Want to see my full perfume collection? (Britney perfumes included!) Then take a look at a video I posted recently on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. Take a look....

Have you tried this Britney Spears fragrance? What is your perfume collection like?

xo Shannon


  1. I love perfume too. Never seen this one. Nice blog! Let me know if you want to follow each other.


  2. I haven't ever tried this Brittney perfume, I had been given the forbidden one in the blue purple bottle a long time ago, but I felt it was too sweet. Maybe I'll check it out!


  3. You have an amazing perfume collection:)


  4. lovely!

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  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Wow you have a great perfume collection!

  7. Perfume is part of my everyday routine, can't do without. Just like you, I love perfume.

  8. Looks a great perfume.

    xx LL