Saturday, May 14, 2016

sick? how to make yourself feel better.

There is good news and bad news. The good news? I was healthy and happy for my entire Walt Disney World vacation. The bad news? An hour before our flight throat started to hurt. My head was pounding. My nose was stuffed. That's right. Just as I was getting ready to head home from my totally amazing vacation, my body decided it was going to be sick. As of now? I am struggling to stay awake, get through the work day, and finish my to do lists. Talk about frustrating.

With that in mind? I decided to focus today's post on a few uplifting ideas. There are plenty of posts on how to get better physically. You know, take vitamins, drink water, and get plenty of sleep. But what about emotionally? Mentally? That is what this post is all about. Here are some super effective ways to make yourself feel better. Whether you have a cold, are feeling under the weather, or just need a little pick me up.

Treat Yourself To a Nice Warm Shower. Sometimes, a nice warm shower can go a long way. It can give you a mental break, relax your muscles, and temporarily relieve you of cold symptoms. Plus it gives you the chance to pamper yourself. Use a lovely scented body wash, apply a leave in hair conditioner, and belt out your favourite song. By the time you leave? You will feel a whole lot better.

Stretch It Out Every Now and Again. Never underestimate the power of stretching. A few simple stretches (of your arms, legs, or even a yoga pose) can do an awful lot of good. It gets the blood pumping, helps you feel loose and relaxed, and gives you an added boost of energy. This is the perfect pick-me-up!

Watch Something Funny on TV. When I am sick or feeling down? There is nothing a good laugh can't fix. That is why I like to put on familiar episodes of funny TV shows. Things like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Seinfeld, The Office, or The Muppets makes me laugh, smile, and forget about my troubles. At least for a little while.

Indulge With Something You Enjoy. Most of the time we try to make good choices. To find balance and do what is right. Sometimes? You just need to indulge a little. This is especially true when you are sick or feeling out of sorts. Take this opportunity to cheer yourself up. Pick up a magazine on your way home from work. Bake your favourite chocolate chip cookies. Spend some time soaking in a warm bubble bath. Just do something that makes you feel good!

There you go. A few ways to make yourself feel better. I will definitely be following my own advice here! Hopefully this cold will subside quickly. Until then....

xo Shannon


  1. Thank you for the good advise! You're totally right about the lack of mentally tips. I love the idea of doing something that makes you feel good! (a warm shower is also very nice)

  2. Nice tips !! love this kind of post :) !

    xoxo from Paris !

  3. Great tips! Loved reading this <3

  4. Love it! This covers allergy sufferers like myself also!

  5. Great tips! :-)