Sunday, August 2, 2015

YouTube: Product Love Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush & Glow Trio

Every so often a makeup product comes along that wows. That is exactly what happened when tried out the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush & Glow Trios. These limited edition face products were everything I hoped they would be - and then some! I stumbled across them a while back at my local drugstore. There were two different trios to choose from. After a bit of debating, I decided to get them both. What the heck, right? That is how I ended up with Free Trade Coffee and Solar Powered. 

The Free Trade Coffee trio comes with a light white highlighter, a bright pink blush, and a mid-toned bronzer. Then there is the other personal favourite. The Solar Powered Blush & Glow trio features a medium bronzer, a deeper gold toned bronzer, and a coral pink blush shade. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been using both of these trios non-stop. They are a fabulous compliment to any makeup look. Plus, they give your skin that gorgeous summer glow in an instant. Needless to say, I have been totally over the moon about these products lately.

Above is a closer look at the two trios that have made their way into my makeup collection. Stunning, right? I seriously cannot get enough of them. Which is what inspired me to film my latest YouTube video. Honestly, things have been totally crazy lately. And I confess that I have been slacking on my channel a little bit. Between getting married, going on my honeymoon, and endlessly unpacking, it has been hard to make time. Thankfully I did today! It felt so good to get back in front of the camera and just talk makeup. By far this was my best experience filming. 

Below is my latest YouTube video. It is all about these Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush & Glow Trios. Take a look, like, comment, or subscribe!

I absolutely love these new trios. And I also love getting back into filming. It has been such an exciting experience! Thank you so much for all of your support. If you can, please take a minute to check out the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel!

Have you tried these Blush & Glow trios?

xo Shannon


  1. Great review! I've never tried any wet n' wild products, but these blushes definitely sound like they're worth a try! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. Também amo Nivea! E aquele produto é fantástico.

    Amei muito esses itens. Queria testar, mas aqui no Brasil não vende essa marca...

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  3. great review, thanks! they look great!

  4. love your posts :) hope we can follow each other! :)
    lovelots ♥

  5. Beautiful face and makeup dear.
    Great job!

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  7. Hey Dear,
    I really like your Posts & you have great Pictures. Would you like to support each other and follow via Bloglovin, Google + & GFC? That would be so cool, and I hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx

  8. I'm really ready to change up my makeup routine a bit, this looks so pretty!!!!

  9. Nunca experimentei esses produtos, parecem ser bons. =)

  10. I love your make up! Really nice!

  11. Adore Wet n' Wild ! Really want to try that trio now (:

  12. ooo i never tried this it looks awesome :)

  13. Wow I'm sure it's a great product for the summer time ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  14. Thanks for this review, Shannon:) I love WetnWild too! And Canucks don't get as much selection but yay that we got this one:D

  15. nice review!! thanks for share

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