Friday, May 29, 2015

springtime dresses and pops of colour.

What is it about spring and summer? There is just something about it. When I see sunshine coming through the window, I just feel excited about getting ready. This is a major contrast to how I felt a few short months ago. During winter, it was less about what I wanted to wear and more about what was warmest. Not anymore! These days, I love to get inspired by the pieces in my wardrobe that were purchased in the hope of warm weather....or the pieces that have long been forgotten. One of my favourite looks so far this season features a floating navy and neon dress. I actually picked this up from Target before it closed and have had it sitting around for months upon months. Thankfully it is finally nice enough to give it some love.

The dress itself has neon yellow halter sleeves, a neon tie at the front, and a navy colour throughout with a small daisy print. Everything about it screams springtime to me. The moment I saw the dress on the rack, I knew that I had to have it. (That is always the sign of a great piece. When it calls to you immediately!) To complete the look, I added on a pair of simple yellow earrings and threw on my favourite grey flats.

For makeup, I wanted to keep things simple yet pretty. So I wore a peachy toned blush on the cheeks, a soft coral lipstick, and kept it fairly neutral on the eyes. I focused on medium brown eyeshadow shades with a bit of black liner and one coat of mascara. I basically wanted the makeup to look warm, fresh, and seasonal. My hair was super simple, thrown up into a messy bun. Essentially, my goal was for the dress be the focus - while still looking somewhat polished.

Here is a closer look at the makeup look I created, along with the springtime dress I fell in love with....

There is certainly something to be said for spring fashion. It is fun, flirty, and has a way of making you feel your very best. That is why I have been loving the warmer weather lately. (Apart from the odd cold spell, that is.) All I can say is....thank goodness for springtime.

What is your favourite spring outfit?

xo Shannon


  1. Shannon, you look so pretty! Beautiful dress & makeup!
    xo, Diana

  2. cutie x

  3. Awesome post!!

  4. Wow..such cute dress!

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  5. What a nice dress, i love the pop of yellow!

  6. You look so pretty !

  7. my favourite season is winter :D summer keep me down but I like to wear dress when it's hot and yours is very beautiful

  8. Hi lovely, what a chic dress and your makeup is gorgeous!! xx
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  9. so beautiful
    that dress looks great on you

  10. Beautiful dress

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  11. Lovely dress perfect for summer

  12. So cute! You're amazing :)

  13. Such a cute dress <3

    The Cutielicious

  14. Arrasou na make amei
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  15. Your makeup looks amazing you have a great blog

  16. Cute dress, it looks great on you! And it's lovely to see you smile :) I remember how you felt some months ago, so it's great to hear that you're feeling better now. Sun and summer sure do the trick :) My favorite outfit right now is a combination of white, light grey and coral - it's a delicious combo! Thanks for stopping by my blog Shannon!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  17. Shannon your beautiful makeup and the flirty summer dress goes perfectly well together. You look adorable, girl. Love the pop of neon.

  18. love this!!!