Monday, May 4, 2015

blue is the warmest colour.

It is amazing how easily makeup products get lost. I store them, try out new things, and forget about those old favourites. Perhaps this is the (only!) drawback of having a lot of makeup. It can be difficult to keep track of it all...let alone use it on a regular basis. Recently I have been buying less and using more. Rather than heading to the makeup counter, I've been digging through my existing collection. Which is how I came across a forgotten favourite, Blues Cafe from NYC. This eyeshadow trio is a drugstore gem, featuring a light blue, medium brown, and a navy shade. The unique combination of colours easily creates a bold yet wearable smokey eye.

Honestly? I haven't tried a ton of NYC products. The ones I have tried though, have really impressed me. The lipsticks? Beautiful? The primer? Winner. But the best of the best has to be the gorgeous eyeshadows. They are extremely affordable - but still have a really beautiful colour payoff. The same was true of the Blues Cafe trio. The shades were nicely pigmented and easy to build. That means a dramatic smokey eye in no time flat. Perfect when you are in a rush but still want to look great.

Now it is time to see those colours in actions. There is the light blue (which is more like a soft blue/white shimmer), the medium brown (which is a little bronzey), and that gorgeous navy. The swatch below will give you a better idea of what the colours look like - and the level of pigmentation.

Now for the makeup look! I used this eyeshadow trio to create a date night look. It was easy to do but added just a hint of glamour. I applied the brown shade all over the lid using a flat brush then used a pencil brush to start adding in the navy. I applied it to the crease and along my lower lash line. The light blue shimmery shade was used on the inner corner and just under the brow bone. The combination of these colours was gorgeous - and I absolutely love how the look turned out. To finish it all off, I created a dramatic cat-eye using my favourite black eyeliner of the moment (the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. So good!), and added on a bit of mascara. As for the rest of the face, I opted for soft rosy shades on the cheeks and lips.

Are you ready to see the finished look? This is what I created using the Blues Cafe trio from NYC....

I am feeling very good about re-discovering this eyeshadow trio. After all, it helped inspire this makeup look! As I continue to dig through my makeup collection - I am sure there will be plenty more re-discovered favourites making me smile.

What do you think of this makeup look? Have you tried this eyeshadow trio?

xo Shannon


  1. I haven't used anything from this brand before - this looks really good

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. That's a pretty blue! Kisses and have an amazing week!

  3. the way you do your makeup is just to perfection.
    love those colours
    you look lovely

  4. ...pretty makeup :)...I want eyeliner kat von d...I read good reviews!!!!!!
    beautylove le mie follie

  5. wow love your eyes

  6. That makeup looks so pretty !

  7. This eyeshadow looks fantastic on your eyes.


  8. Paleta com cores linda arrasou na maquiagem amei o resultado

  9. I like your make up :) i've to try NYC products, i've never used them, but if u wrote that u were seatisfied... so i've to try :)
    i'll follow your blog, would be nice if u can follow me too,

    Vivienne Night Blog

  10. Nice makeup, yo look so chic!

  11. super stunning as usual :)

    back with a new post!

  12. Your make up is just incredible! Love it, kiss x

  13. I love NYC eyeshadows ! They are superly pigmented and longlasting !