Saturday, May 16, 2015

lovely, lazy, long weekend.

There are two words I love like no other. What are they? Long. Weekend. Yes, the long weekend is here (at least in Canada where I live). At last! All week I have been getting through the work days by reminding myself that three blissful days off were awaiting me. It made life seem cheery, exciting, and downright awesome. Now that the long weekend is actually here....I am over the moon.

I always love long weekends. It gives you the chance to catch up on to-do lists, spend time with loved ones, and have a bit of a break from all of the daily responsibilities. Over the Victoria Day long weekend, I plan on making the most of every moment. There will be a few musts and a bit of fun mixed in there! I think that is the best way to make the long weekend special: being productive and being adventurous.

Today will be spent finishing up some work, doing laundry, writing thank you notes left over from the bridal shower, and packing up more of my possessions. The Sunday will involve building furniture, doing a bit of planning for our Jack and Jill, and then.....a big fireworks display with friends! I am super excited about the fireworks. One of my favourite things about holidays are firework displays. My fiance and I bought a bunch of fireworks on a whim - and then invited a bunch of people to come watch us set them off. I am hoping it will be a really fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Monday will finish it all off by painting the living room and hallway of our new apartment. We recruited a couple of friends to help. Thank goodness! The day will finish off by lighting sparklers with my parents and brother. The perfect end to a lovely weekend.

So, that is how I plan to spend the Victoria Day weekend. Getting things done and spending time with people I love. How will you celebrate?

xo Shannon


  1. This weekend I am going to relax all the time! I really need it!
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  2. Well weekend for me, meaning one day off, is just sleeping ! Haha xx

  3. We had Ascension Day here on Thursday so that was a day off from work, and on Friday I had the opportunity to work from home, so in that sense it has felt like a long weekend. I've spent it with my family, enjoying the spring weather in Helsinki! Lovely! Thanks Shannon for stopping by my blog :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  4. I love long weekends too :) hope you had a really lovely one!

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  6. If only week-ends had 3 days instead of 2, right. :) Kisses!

  7. Honey. I really love ur blog! This post is perfect!
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    xoxo from Poland.

  8. wow your so lucky, yes long weekend it's like heaven. Best wishes to you :D

    xxx June

  9. I adore long weekend and I need them.Maybe we could follow each other let me know :)

  10. wow its wonders and lovely