Thursday, December 13, 2012

among my most prized possessions are the words that I have never spoken.

Some things are more important than others.

Loving fashion, beauty, music, and books as I do...well, I have a lot of stuff. Out of everything I own, there are a few items that stand out among the rest.

You may or may not have noticed that in just about every picture of me, I am wearing this necklace. It has become something I would be devastated without.

My boyfriend gave it to me a while ago now. We were at a restaurant eating dinner, celebrating my interview with Scott MacIntyre. I was rambly and excited about the days events. Then out of nowhere, he pulled out a box and placed it in front of me. Before I even opened it, I was mad that he had spent money on me for no reason at all! But when I saw the necklace, and he put it around my neck, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the entire world.

Every time I wear it, I feel close to him. (Which is probably why I rarely take it off.) It is one of my most treasured possessions. The necklace is absolutely beautiful, but the reason I love it, is because of who it is from.

What is your prized posession?


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely post!

    I have a necklace very similar to this from my boyfriend also :)

    Laura xx

  2. so cute :) you must have a great boyfriend ahah

  3. How cuuuteeee !! <3
    You have a great bf ,that's for sure !

  4. beautiful collar.... your boyfriend has a very good taste...

  5. Lovely necklace! You have an awesome boyfriend.


  6. Thats perfect!
    I have a white gold braclet (bangle) that my dad gave to me before he passed away. I never take it off - sleep with it on, shower with it, it never comes off! It onces fell off over of wrist and I had the worst panic attack trying to find it!

    Love this post x

  7. What a gorgeous necklace!


  8. Beautiful necklace hun, ur bf sounds sweet&that is lovely!

  9. Beautiful
    Xoxo, Van <3

  10. Beautiful necklace! :)

  11. Beautiful necklace! I have a few treasures, but as far as the jewellery goes, it's also a necklace my husband gave me and my engagement ring. x

  12. I really like your blog, it's so inspiring! I'm following you now! :)


  13. I have a similar (by emotions) pendant given by my parents. I wear it since I was a teenage. It's 4th silver chair I change now

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  14. awww.ur necklace is so beautiful bt ur feelings abt it,ur thoughts and the words you used to describe your thoughts are more beautiful.its so sweet tht u never take it off :)

  15. This is so lovely post, my dear.

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Happy weekend and lots of hugs,


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  17. Oh, this is such a lovely story. :)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  18. certainly my little golden engagement ring is my favorite thing in the world ,
    you can see it during my posts , the little one i always put on ,


  19. hello, a very nice post, I liked it.

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  20. What a beautiful story! It is very romantic! Well, when there are moments in life!

  21. How sweet, that is just so thoughtful! And it's beautiful too- safe to say he's a keeper =)

    xo Missy

  22. So sweet! Those open heart necklaces are so pretty!

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  23. That looks so pretty. Cute necklace :) You had the sweetest boyfriend :)
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  24. Lovely story! xoxo

  25. This pendant looks so cute :) nice post

  26. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  27. Oh that is so beautiful and what a beautiful story behind it! The person giving the gift really does make it so much more special. My favorite pieces are my watch and my rings - I rarely go anywhere without them!

    Enjoy the weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  28. It's a beautiful delicate piece! Very elegant and stunning



  29. My favourite accessories and pieces of clothing are the ones which remind me of loved ones or good times or both. The necklace is beautiful!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  30. Wow the necklace is so pretty..!!! looks awesome..!

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  31. I have something similar but it's an infinity symbol ring that my boyfriend gave to me as well!