Friday, October 28, 2011

and nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, so don't let go, now we've come this far.

Last night was one of those rare evenings where everything felt right in the world. I headed downtown to see Duran Duran in concert. Alone. When I bought the tickets, no one I knew wanted to go with me. Instead of missing out on seeing them AGAIN, I just went for it and bought a single ticket. Before the show, and after the opening act, I just read a book and waited. It was kind of lovely. And then I saw Duran Duran perform live. After watching the concert DVD endlessly, I finally was seeing Simon Le Bon IN REAL LIFE. It was such a thrilling experience.

The concert itself was fantastic. The set list was great, and Duran Duran put on one heck of a show. But what I loved most about the evening, was the fact that I let go. Instead of worrying about what other people thought, I just let myself get carried away by the music. It felt like being on top of the world. Even thinking of now, I can't help but smile to myself.

Anyway! Here is what I wore to the concert last night!

Also, Miss L posted a cute this or that tag on her blog recently! I thought it was fun, so here are my answers! I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Blush or Bronzer? A difficult choice, because I love both, but I am going to say blush! I love love love blush!
Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick - I am definitely a lipstick girl!
Eyeliner or Mascara? Eyeliner! I am an eyeliner addict!
Foundation or Concealer? Foundation, for sure.
Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow? I love both, but I am going to say neutral!
Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow? Pressed!
Brushes or Sponges? Brushes, definitely!

Long or Short? Mid-length, preferably!
Acrylic or Natural? I actually love the look of acrylic nails, but I can't have them for work!
Brights or Darks? I love either, but probably dark colours!

Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume. I have so many different perfumes. I really love the way a fragrance can pull an outfit together.
Lotion or Body Butter? Lotion.
Body Wash or Soap? Body Wash

Jeans or Sweat Pants? In public? Jeans. At home? Sweats!
Long Sleeve or Short? Short sleeved.
Dresses or Skirts? Dresses!
Stripes or Plaid? Plaid!
Flip Flops or Sandals? I am not crazed on either, as I have really ginormous feet, but sandals, I guess!
Scarves or Hats? Scarves
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Dangly earrings
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots? Cowboy boots! I am constantly looking for just the right pair!
Jacket or Hoodie? Hoodie - so comfy!

Curly or Straight? Hmm this is a toss up. I usually go through phases where I prefer one more than the other. At the moment, probably curly.
Bun or Ponytail? Bun, for sure!
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby Pins....I am always leaving them everywhere!
Hair Spray or Gel? Hair Spray
Long or Short? Long
Light or Dark? Dark.
Side-swept Bangs or Full Bangs? Side-swept
Up or Down? Again, this really depends on what hair phase I'm in at the moment!

Rain or Shine? Shine
Summer or Winter? Probably summer, just because you get to let loose and have a little more fun. But Christmas is my favourite time of year. It's just so cold!
Fall or Spring? Fall
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

What is the last really great concert you went to?


  1. I love Duran Duran!! And I love that you went to see it alone too! I often do things like that - just to enjoy the moment by myself - go girl! xx

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  2. Duran Duran is good! Your outfit is very nice and simple. Love it!

  3. I know what you mean: it's awesome to let yourself go along with the music. I love your outfit!!
    Nice tag!
    I lastly went to Diam's concert - she's a French singer... and it was so much FUN! :)

  4. Love Duran Duran! I actually have their video on my blog:-) Your top looks awesome! Would you like to follow each other? What do you think?
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  5. Hot! And just in time - I'm going to a Cake concert tomorrow. I need to play up the eyes!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  6. I love how u do your eyes! I really like the part whr u said "I let go. Instead of worrying about what other people thought, I just let myself get carried away by the music." I would like to do that sometime!

  7. jealous ! i love Duran Duran I'm glad you had fun it sounds like it was great

  8. DURAN DURAN OMG! Im jealous. :)


  9. your eye make up is so pretty!



  10. I also prefer scraves above hats.

  11. love the outfit suits you***

  12. I love Durab Duran! You look lovely!!!!

  13. Hi lovely,
    you did well to go!!
    I love Duran Duran songs too;)
    A live concert is always a great thrill!
    The last concert I've seen was that of Robbie Williams

  14. omg! duran duran! I dieee! You look so pretty! :)

  15. hope you had a great time at the concert and your top is so great!


  16. great make up, and your top is amazing!

  17. I love Duran Duran. Great look! I am following you now! <3<3

  18. Duran Duran:woowowowowoow!

    Visit my blog, and if it like u, follow meeee!!!

    happy dark halloween!!!

  19. You're so brave to go by yourself! I've been in the same dilemma recently with my favorite band coming to town.. luckily I finally found a friend!

    - Jaimie

  20. thank you so much for following our blog
    we followed your too :)

  21. I have done this so many times too. I have gone for a movie by myself gone for endless dinners by myself. Sometimes others are busy and cant make it with you and you really want to get out. If I knew you I would have come for Duran Duran. I used to really like them few years back.

  22. How awesome that you got to go to the Duran Duran concert!!! Sounds like you had a blast!

    xoxo Denise

  23. I went to see "Ben l'Oncle Soul", great hairstyle!


  24. Oh man, so jealous! I'm going to give away some real dorkhood here, but I went to the Clay Aiken/Kelly Clarkson concert and it was actually super fun :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  25. Cute Tag!
    Duran Duran...can't believe no one else wanted to go!! Sounds like it was fun though!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  26. i would have loved to go!! glad to hear you had a great time and great make up! cute tag i'll do it for my next post!

  27. I love your scoop neck top. Sexy yet punk-ish. The last concert I went to that I loved was the Big Day Out festival where I FINALLY got to see Muse for the first time and saw my all time favourite band Powderfinger. And Dizzee Rascal was awse at it too....I wanna be back there :( xx

  28. Following you back:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena