Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a work of art is a confession.

Makeup is not simply a tool in the quest for beauty. It is the expression of our inner selves. Through colours and textures, it can portray feelings and thoughts, and convey mood and personality. Makeup is a reflection of the person wearing it.

The other day, someone came across something they thought would be of interest to me. Partly because of its relation to makeup, but mostly because it was Disney. (Both are equally important, in my opinion.) This is what she sent me:

The above, is a true example of avantgarde makeup. It pushes the boundaries of what we expect makeup to be, and forces us to think about what it can be. The bold usage of colour, the perfectly blended scenery, in addition to the spectacular attention to detail make each of these looks daring and unique. They are certainly not wearable, but are a testament to creativity.

My favourite of the above looks, has to be the Disney Castle. I love the snowy winter scene, and the contrast of the blue and white. Also, white mascara detail on the right eyelash was a beautiful touch.

What is the most creative thing you have ever done with makeup? Tell me about it or post your pictures! And which of the looks posted above is your favourite?