Monday, August 8, 2011

the most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me."
- Tyra Banks

I went to Sephora. This means only one thing, makeup! There's something inexplicably thrilling about wandering around that store. Maybe it is weaving through throngs of people, the energetic buzz of creativity, or the endless possibilities around you. Whatever it is, I love every moment of it. So, this is what I bought...

1) Sephora Smoky Eyes
I picked this up, mostly because it was on sale for $13 and I have a weakness for anything to do with a smokey eye. I think it's such a beautiful look. My collection doesn't have a lot of purple in it, so that is largely what sold me. It was definitely an impulse buy. I've tried it out and I am not wowed by it. It's not that it is a bad product, and it comes with a small eyeliner and mascara, which is really great. The issue I have with it, is the quality of the eye shadows. You have to really work to build up the colour, as they aren't very pigmented. But despite that, it is a decent little kit.

2) NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight
I am obsessed with this lip gloss. The colour is this beautiful baby pink, and it just looks gorgeous. This is probably my favourite thing in my makeup collection right now. So many glosses are sticky and wear off rather quickly, but this one isn't and lasts a long time! Also, the colour is really pigmented, so one swipe and you're ready to go! It is amazing!

3) Sephora Colorista Palette
This was actually on sale at the Sephora close to where my sister works, for $23, and she picked it up for me. Such a great deal! I haven't tried this out properly yet (there is a lot to try!), but so far I love it. There are so many options. The kit has a great mixture of matte and shimmer, and such a great variety of colour to choose from! There are 40 eye shadow shades, 4 blushes, 2 bronzers, 5 cream eyeliners, and 15 lip glosses. It's just such a great palette. I also love that it comes with a small compact so that you can take some of the products on the go if you need to. A beautiful detail. I am really excited to start trying out some of this stuff.

4) Kat Von D True Romance Palette in True Love
As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of the smokey eye. When I saw this palette, I fell madly in love with this really deep shimmery purple colour, and had to pick it up! I have been using this constantly since I bought it. The shadows blend really well and are quite pigmented. I love them. The only aspect of this palette that I am not crazy about, is the gold cream shadow that comes with it. It's actually very hard, and difficult to use. The regular shadows, however, are fantastic! Great colours and easy to work with. And the packaging is lovely! I chose the gold/purple palette, but there was another that was more colourful.

These are the new products I have added to my collection....what have you picked up lately?

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