Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we live not according to reason, but according to fashion.

Fashion is a statement. It is confidence. It is art. Whether the clothes you wear are inexpensive or from an influential designer, the style you bring to clothing is what creates fashion.

This is why Victoria Beckham is one of my fashion icons. In both what she wears and what she creates, Victoria understands implicitly how to blend creativity with classic elegance. Her style covers all the bases of good fashion - class, glamour, edge, and youthfulness, all while remaining current. She is never afraid to take risks, yet doesn't rely on them to be fashion forward. Her use of colour, texture, and accessories effectively creates dynamic fashion.

Victoria Beckham has it all: Poise. Glamour. Sophistication.

Optical Print Flare Dress SS/11 
Knot Drape Dress SS/11
One Shoulder Drape Dress SS/11 
Pleat Shoulder Bell Dress SS/11

Victoria Beckham undoubtedly knows style. I for one, am in love with just about every piece she has designed. It is my dream to own a dress from one of her collections. One day! Until then, I will keep drooling over runway photographs and lookbooks. (Also, take note of the makeup in the S/S collection pictures above - gorgeous!)

Below is one of my favourite designs from any collection of Victoria's. I love the seemingly effortless elegance the garment possesses. The shoulder detail and exposed leg add a touch of sexy glamour to the look as well. Absolutely breathtaking.

Knot Drape Floor Length with Embroidery Dress SS/11

Victoria Beckham is one of my fashion icons...who are your icons?


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